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These Four Players Were Shockingly Picked After The 10th Pick In The 2011 Draft


When it comes to the NBA draft, it's very rare to see a great player drafted way after he should have.

Sure, we see the occasional bust every few years, but trying to draft an All-Star player out of the lottery, much less after the first 5 picks, is one of the hardest things an NBA front office will be tasked with.

And that's why the 2011 NBA draft is so special.

We've all heard the stories of Manu Ginobili and Draymond Green, both who were picked in the second-round and became All-Stars, but those two drafts were 13 years apart. In the 2011 draft, four All-Star players were picked after the 10th pick, four, in the one year! How crazy is that?

Obviously, there's Isaiah Thomas, but who were the other three?

Pick #11: Klay Thompson - Golden State Warriors


Pick #15: Kawhi Leonard - Indiana Pacers (Later Traded To San Antonio)


Pick #30: Jimmy Butler - Chicago Bulls


Pick #60: Isaiah Thomas - Sacramento Kings


You can bet your bottom dollar a lot of scouts were regretting their performance that year.