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This Would Be The Greatest 3-Point Contest In NBA History: Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving

This Would Be The Greatest 3-Point Contest In NBA History: Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving

We are currently in the three-point era of basketball, where teams and players want to hoist up as many good quality threes as possible. The analytics of the game has convinced every NBA team that 3 points are worth more than 2 points and that shooting 40% from three is equivalent to shooting 50% from two. Hence, shooters should have the green light whenever they want.

Especially with the likes of the Stephen Curry-led Warriors changing the game in recent years, the three-point shot is here to stay. But who is the best 3-point shooter in the NBA right now? Stephen Curry is regarded as the best 3-point shooter ever, but could he get it done if we made him compete against the NBA’s best on one court?

Here is the ultimate three-point contest featuring the NBA's best shooters with only one winner.


Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant

Damian Lillard

Kyrie Irving

Zach LaVine

Duncan Robinson

Seth Curry

Buddy Hield

First Round

The first round will be very close and even more intense. The favorites for this competition will be Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving, as they have won a competitive 3-point competition before. Of course, anybody else on this list has a chance to win because these are the NBA’s best.

Out of a total of 27 shots per player in the first round, only three players can progress to the second round. The balls count for one point, with the “Money Ball” counting for 2 points. There is a “Money Ball” rack that the player can place in his favorite position. In Round 1, the very best shooters will end up proceeding.

Stephen Curry and Duncan Robinson will be the winners of this round, making 19 shots from behind the arc in the time limit of 70 seconds. Durant comes third with 18 shots, making his last money shot to beat out Damian Lillard in an exciting fashion. Seth Curry is fourth with 16 shots, while the other 3 sharpshooters make 15. With Curry and Duncan Robinson looking confident and Kevin Durant sneaking into the Second Round, here is how it plays out.

Second Round

Once again, Curry and Robinson are too hot to handle. Curry and Robinson each nail 20 three-pointers again, despite slow starts. Robinson nails all of his Money Balls to even the score after going cold. Durant proved that he got lucky to be in the Second Round, as he only makes 15 shots in the allotted time. With one of the game’s greatest scorers in Durant out of the way, only 2 sharpshooters remain.

Going into the final round, Stephen Curry and Duncan Robinson go head to head to prove who is the greatest shooter alive right now.

Final Round

Both players are easily the two best shooters in the NBA right now, and their releases are simply too beautiful to behold. Going into the season, Curry is draining 42.5% of his 3-balls while Robinson is making 38.9%. For their careers, Curry is making 43.4% of his threes while Robinson is draining 42.4% of them.

Curry takes it to another level in the most highly anticipated round and he goes first. He drains a total of 21 shots, setting the tone for a very difficult task for Duncan Robinson. Curry is absolutely on fire, swishing shots early on and getting into a good rhythm. Robinson most likely has an uphill task ahead of him, but he performs admirably well. Robinson once again makes all his Money Balls, but only ends up with 20 shots.

Duncan Robinson, in the absence of Klay Thompson, might be the 2nd best shooter in the NBA right now. But Stephen Curry is simply the best to ever do it. He is already 2nd all-time in 3-pointers made and his 43.4% is 6th all-time. Curry has proven he can perform in the brightest lights before, winning the 3-Point Contest in 2015, and he will prove he is the greatest shooter in the world again.

Credit for an idea: Slam Studios


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