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Three Of The Most Likely 1st Round Playoff Upsets

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

The NBA’s regular season is already in the books, so that means the best is still ahead of us right now, as the playoffs are about to begin and pretty much everything can happen this late in the season.

Every detail matters in the playoffs. A call or no-call, an injury, a missed free throw, it all counts right now, as all teams are just a handful of games away from having the chance to become the NBA Champions.

Obviously, some teams are way more favored than others, either because of the playoff seeding, the matchups, or just because they have more talent. Still, there’s always a couple of shocking upsets in the playoffs, and this time won’t be the exception. Today, we’re going to let you know about the 3 upsets most likely to happen.

3. San Antonio Spurs vs. The Denver Nuggets


Well, truth to be told, nobody’s giving credit to the Nuggets even though they manage to hold on to the 2nd seed in the wild wild West and that they’re one of the toughest teams to beat at home, so everybody’s pretty much expecting them to choke in the playoffs again.

The Spurs are no longer the dynasty they used to be, they lack shooters, and DeMar DeRozan has a huge history of underperforming in the playoffs, but they have one thing no one else has, and that’s Gregg Popovich, a top-5 basketball mastermind in the history of the game.

2. Portland Trail Blazers vs. The Oklahoma City Thunder


If everybody were healthy, the Portland Trail Blazers were the favorite to advance in this matchup, but Jusuf Nurkic’s injury really took a toll on their chances to compete and make it to the Western Conference Finals.

Even so, the Oklahoma City Thunder showed that they’re not built for this kind of moments. Paul George and Russel Westbrook are great, but they cannot be trusted in late-game situations, so they might as well be heading towards yet another first-round exit this year.

1. Indiana Pacers vs. The Boston Celtics


Ok, the Indiana Pacers don’t have Victor Oladipo anymore and that’s going to be a major issue, but they’ve still managed to win some games and have an unselfish and balanced offense that can show up any given night.

The Celtics have been a major disappointment all year long and truth to be told, they just look better without Kyrie Irving. Moreover, Marcus Smart’s injury is a major blow for Brad Stevens’ team, and while they’re vastly superior to the Pacers, we’ve seen them shoot themselves in the foot over and over throughout the season.