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Top 10 Best Catch And Shoot Players In The NBA

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Shooters shoot, that’s what they do. And in modern basketball, you’re not always allowed, but actually asked to shoot the ball as soon as you have the chance, regardless of how much time is still left on the clock.

Pace and space offense and the league favoring shooters over drivers have turned the league into a three-point shooting league, and even though basketball purists may not like it as much as we do, they’ll just gonna have to deal with it.

Having said that, catch and shoot kind of scorers are vital for modern teams to succeed, as you need to have fast-trigger shooters that can give you as many possessions as you can while consistently knocking down shots. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 10 catch and shoot players in the league.

Honorable mention: Bradley Beal

10. JJ Redick

JJ Redick is a master of off-ball movements, constantly running circles around his defenders to find himself wide open in the elbows to knock down his sweet jump shot from three-point territory.

Moreover, he’s a great catch and shoot player, and that’s what made him so valuable for the Clippers and Sixers with Chris Paul and Ben Simmons as their playmakers, shooting over 46.5% in that situation.

9. Wayne Ellington

Wayne Ellington has always been pretty much a unidimensional player, but truth to be told, he’s made great strides over the last couple of seasons to improve as a reliable three-point shooter.

Ellington isn’t the most consistent scorer in the league, nor a volume scorer either. Even so, he scores 7.1 points a game in catch and shoot situations, with an eFG of 58.9%, something way over his regular averages.

8. Paul George

Paul George is one of the league’s top-tier scorers. He’s versatile, agile, light on his feet and has consistently shot the ball from all three levels, that obviously includes shooting from three-point land.

Moreover, one of the things that makes him so special is the fact that, even though he thrives off isolation and loves to create his own shot, he’s also embraced a role as an off-ball scorer, recording over 7 points a game on 39% from deep in catch and shoot situations.

7. Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza is the kind of player that’s tailor-made for modern basketball, so it’s a shame that his prime has passed already, considering all the little areas he could contribute for a Championship contender.

Ariza is the prime 3 and D guy, and he was so valuable for the Houston Rockets before his quick trigger when it came to knocking down three-pointers, having an eFG of almost 60% in catch and shoot.

6. Dirk Nowitzki

At his age, Dirk Nowitzki isn’t out there to try and bully his way into the paint, put the rock in the ground and shuffle his feet to get to the basket, so he does most of his damage playing off the ball as a catch and shooter.

Truth to be told, he had the third highest scoring average in catch and shoot situations the prior campaign, scoring over 8 points a game with his sweet release and high arc, being the greatest shooting big man ever.

5. Kevin Love

Kevin Love is one of the most underrated players in the league. He’s a capable defender, a willing passer, a committed rebounder, a great shooter and even a guy that can get the job done inside.

But, one of the most underrated aspects of Love’s game has to be his catch and shoot abilities, especially because he tends to get all the way down before quickly releasing his shot. Also, he shoots 41% from three in that situation.

4. Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon stopped dribbling, driving, being a playmaker, defending, he gave up on everything but catching and shooting or pulling up to hog three-pointers ever since joining the Houston Rockets.

Even so, it has definitely paid off for him, as he’s playing the best basketball of his career on a Championship contender. Moreover, he scores almost 7 points a game in catch and shoot, as well as averaging over 38% from three on 5.8 attempts a night.

3. Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver has made a living out of being an outstanding catch and shoot player, even though his shot mechanics may not be the most orthodox, but hey, it’s all net and that’s what counts at the end of the day.

This guy is still in the league thanks to his ability to shoot lights out from three-point territory, and he scores over 6.4 points a game and has a sick eFG of 66% when he shoots the ball without dribbling.

2. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in the history of the game, so, naturally, he also has to be among the league’s best catch and shooters, especially when he’s heavily guarded and even double teamed.

Curry is a freaking alien and there’s simply no way of stopping him, as he has the quickest trigger in the world and such a sweet release that makes his shot unblockable. Also, he has an eFG of 65.2% when shooting without dribbling.

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1. Klay Thompson

And talking about shooting without dribbling, what can we say about Klay Thompson? A guy that just needed 11 dribbles to score 60 points and that spends most of his time playing next to ball-dominant players?

Thompson makes the most of every shot he gets, being perhaps the best pure shooter in the league and the most reliable volume scorer in the game besides Curry. He scores a league-leading 10.8 points a game in catch and shoot situations while knocking down 43.9% of his three-pointers.