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Top 10 Best Dynamic Duos In The NBA

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Over the years the NBA has witnessed plenty and plenty of marvelous players, players who have shown us that anything is possible when you give everything you have in order to achieve it, and also if you have the right partner. The Association has delivered endless societies that were made to reach glory and some of them indeed did it.

In recent years we have seen lots and lots of duos which were simply great (Shaq and Kobe or Jordan and Pippen, for example) and now we all are ready for some more, as there’s nothing more exciting than watching two of the best ballers in the world go at it side by side.

The next season is around the corner and seeing the amount of movements during the past months, there is no doubt about the good associations most teams have at this very moment. However, here are the most important duos in NBA for this upcoming season.

Honorable Mentions:

Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns

Jimmy Butler arrived at Minnesota in the best possible time. This project is set to start showing its first results and with a leader like Jimmy, it surely will. Butler came to take the lead of the team alongside Karl-Anthony Towns and if these two get along inside the field, the T-Wolves will have a very good time.

Jimmy’s tutelage both inside and outside the court will help this team to grow and Towns will certainly learn a couple of things from Butler. Minnesota already had an exciting project and now with the addition of Butler and facing possibly the best Towns’ year so far, Timberwolves can give us some surprises.

Mike Conley and Marc Gasol

These two will face one of the most difficult seasons in Memphis in recent years, as the Grizzlies are going to play without their maximum figure in past years, Zach Randolph. Despite the struggles of Randolph past season to be the same guy he used to be, this is a hard loss for the team and now Conley and Gasol will have to take the reins and go back on track if they want to remain as a competitive team.

Combining Conley’s skill as a playmaker and the skills of Gasol at the time of scoring sure will facilitate the things for Memphis. They both are the future of a franchise that seems reluctant to enter rebuild mode despite not having much other than this two.

10. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan

Toronto is one of those teams which always appear to be ready to take the next step, but at the end they always fail at it. Raptors fans and management know this and that’s why their two maximum figures have a lot of pressure on their shoulders.

Both Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are fierce competitors, but in past seasons they have failed trying to have successful playoffs run. They know they’re running out of time and maybe if the team is not able to achieve anything this season, both Lowry and DeRozan can be leaving the team very soon.

9. C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard

It seems like Lillard found a good partner in C.J. McCollum. These two guys have similar stories and similar style of playing and they both are trying to build something from nothing in a team which doesn’t count with superstars or a big market. Even if they don’t receive the star they’ve been demanding over the past weeks, Portland is still a team full of heart and mostly thanks to these two.

Damian and C.J. are keen to finally have a good playoff run with Portland, but it is not going to be an easy job. The best thing is that these guys don’t care about difficulty. They know how to overcome it.

8. DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis

We could see a little bit of what these two can make as a duo past season, but this one they have a harder job, they not only need to be a show on the court, but they need to show results and fast, as these two can arguably be the two best intern players in the world.

Boogie and AD will surely smash any defense in the league, and New Orleans can finally see the Pelicans in playoffs and not only for decoration but fighting to win games. Cousins and Davis plus Jrue Holiday looks like an attractive trio that can bring some joy to NOLA.

7. John Wall and Bradley Beal

In a very weak Eastern Conference, Washington stood up and stated they were here to compete, giving us one of the best series in the past playoffs against Boston. The Wizards’ improvement is mainly thanks to their biggest figures, John Wall and Bradley Beal.

Despite Beal’s ups and downs, they have known how to be a better team and after seeing their past campaign, this one should be the ultimate to say they’re here and can play and defeat Celtics and Cavaliers.

6. Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge

This two know each other and they are going to be the faces of San Antonio for the next years. Kawhi and LaMarcus have shown all the good things they can do together and yet they have more time to keep delighting the world.

Spurs have one of the best duos in the league in these two and it’s only a matter of time before Kawhi and Aldridge lead San Antonio to a new championship, if LaMarcus manages to adapt to the Popovich system and stops complaining for a chance.

5. Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving

Well, now Cleveland indeed has competition in the Eastern Conference. Even though people think Boston gave too much in this trade, having Kyrie Irving in your team is a warrant of quality and added to the good team Celtics already had, Irving will only help Boston to be better.

Added to the fact that Gordon Hayward is now part of the team, this one is going to be the most exciting duo to watch this next NBA season. Both Hayward and Kyrie were good in their former teams, and now in Boston with Horford and Tatum, the Celtics are keen to take over the Conference and finally defeat LeBron and finish his reign.

4. Russell Westbrook and Paul George

Perhaps George’s alleged commitment with the Lakers can make this look silly, but it’s not. Paul George and Russell Westbrook have similar styles and they can complement each other with extremely ease. Plus, George will only stay at OKC one year, so having no pressure could make things easier for him and help the team to improve at the same time.

I don’t know about you, but I am expecting to see these two playing together since the trade was reported. OKC fans will see some quality basketball this season thanks to Russell Westbrook and Paul George; there is no doubt about it.

3. Chris Paul and James Harden

The Western Conference was already entertaining and now with all the trades and signings it got more and more exciting Houston Rockets closed one of the best deals in their history when they acquired Chris Paul from Clippers.

CP3 is arguably the best point guard in the league and putting him next to James Harden won’t do anything but overpower the Rockets. Nobody is happier than Mike D'Antoni and we can’t wait to see what these two are going to bring. Maybe Houston can surprise Golden State and reach the finals finally in more than 20 years.

2. LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas

This is going to be an interesting duo. The King and Isaiah playing on the same team: who would have known that? Cleveland lost Kyrie Irving but they won Isaiah Thomas, one of the most outstanding players last season.

It might take some time to see both James and Thomas playing together, but it will be a show, that’s for sure. However, most people doubt about how Thomas is going to fit in Cavaliers' scheme, playing with a playmaker like LeBron.

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1. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant

This one was a complete madness the past season. Durant and Chef Curry connected from the very beginning of the season, displaying all the things people expected from them. They both led Warriors to win the championship against Cleveland and it doesn’t seem like anybody will be able to stop them from repeating it.

Maybe you think they can’t offer anything new, but wait, these are two of the best ballers in the world and you never know what to expect when Kevin Durant combines with Steph Curry and vice versa.