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Top 10 Missed Dunks of All-Time

Photo Credit: B/R

Photo Credit: B/R

Remember DeMar DeRozan's missed 360 playing for Team USA against China the other week? DeRozan was on a fastbreak with only a China big man in front of him. So what does he decide to do? Instead of going around him, he attempts to pull off a 360-degree spin in mid-air and go over him to get to the hoop. As you'd expect, it didn't work.

Or how about Shannon Brown almost JUMPING OVER Jason Richardson back in 2010? Brown came down the lane and almost cleared Richardson in one bounce, getting eye-level with the basket, and then proceeding to throw the ball at the rim. Much to the Staples Centre crowd and Los Angeles Lakers bench dismay, the ball clanked off the rim, and Shannon Brown fell to the floor unhurt.

Those dunks, plus the others that were 99% complete but just couldn't make it in the hoop inspired us to create the Top 10 Missed Dunks of All-Time. Enjoy!