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Top 10 Most Expensive Duos In The NBA

Top 10 Most Expensive Duos In The NBA

Dynamic duos are running the NBA right now. Teams are investing a ton of money into having the best All-Star duos because star power wins championships in the NBA. Luckily for current fans around the world, we probably have not seen the number of All-Star duos available today.

It is actually quite alarming how two players can eat up the majority of a team's salary cap, and that is what makes it very interesting. In order to see which duos have tied up most of a team's money, here are the top ten most expensive duos in the league right now.

10. Toronto Raptors - $58.9 Million

Kyle Lowry ($33.3 Million) & Marc Gasol ($25.6 Million)

Kyle Lowry ($33.3 Million) & Marc Gasol ($ 25.6 Million)

Kicking off the list is Kyle Lowry and Marc Gasol. The Raptors duo won an NBA title together last season and performed on both ends of the floor throughout the playoffs.

The fact that they appear on this list is expected since Lowry signed a massive one-year extension at the start of the year to keep him in Toronto for another season at least.

Gasol is not the star he used to be, by averaging only 7.6 PPG and 6.3 RPG this year, but he was an integral part of their title last year.

9. Philadelphia 76ers - $60.1 Million

Tobias Harris ($32.7 Million) & Al Horford ($27.4 Million)

Credit: Clutch Points

Credit: Clutch Points

It is expected that Philadelphia appears on this list since they have tried to build a super team in the East. But Ben Simmons nor Joel Embiid is the highest paid duo on the team. That belongs to Tobias Harris and Al Horford.

This does not look too good on paper for Philadelphia, since Harris is averaging 19.4 PPG as a third option while Horford only puts up 12.0 PPG.

8. Oklahoma City Thunder - $64.3 Million

Chris Paul ($38.5 Million) & Steven Adams ($25.8 Million)

Chris Paul ($38.5 Million) & Steven Adams ($25.8 Million)

We all know that Chris Paul has one of the largest contracts in the league, and his duo with Steven Adams puts OKC at number 8.

The Thunder traded Russell Westbrook for Chris Paul in the offseason and therefore had to absorb his massive contract. Paul is not getting any younger, although he was an All-Star this season.

Oklahoma City Thunder are in a playoff spot in the West this year so they will argue that the trade was justified for the time being.

7. Los Angeles Lakers - $64.5 Million

LeBron James ($37.4 Million) & Anthony Davis ($27.1 Million)

LeBron James & Anthony Davis

The fact that LeBron James and Anthony Davis are not in the top five spells very good business for the Lakers. James and Davis might be the most talented duo in the NBA, along with being the most impactful.

Davis is only making $27 million, so this helped the Lakers build a very deep squad this year. Of course, winning an NBA ring justifies having the top 10 most expensive duo in the league.

6. Washington Wizards - $65.3 Million

John Wall ($38.2 Million) & Bradley Beal ($27.1 Million)



John Wall is known to have the worst contract in the NBA since he's out of action and still making 38 million a year. When Wall is healthy and playing like a top 5 point guard in the league, this contract might be justified. But at this moment Washington is getting battered with Wall's contract.

The fact that they re-signed Beal for $27 million was good business since he is one of the best scorers in the league averaging 30.5 PPG. Bradley Beal is most likely out of Washington soon, so this duo will probably not last long.

5. Boston Celtics - $65.4 Million

Kemba Walker ($32.7 Million) & Gordon Hayward ($32.7 Million)

Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

The Boston Celtics disappointingly appear in the top five on this list. Gordon Hayward is not an All-Star like he used to be, and that's why the Celtics really don't belong on this list. Of course, it's not his fault, since he suffered a gruesome injury in his first season with the Celtics.

Unless Hayward can manage to become a star once again, this duo can be one of the best in the NBA. But right now, Kemba and Hayward are playing well but not well enough to justify a massive cap hit.

4. Los Angeles Clippers - $65.7 Million

Kawhi Leonard ($32.7 Million) & Paul George ($33.0 Million)

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Leonard and George are clearly one of the best duos in the NBA. They have managed to take the Clippers from an afterthought to a top-two team in the Western Conference.

Leonard is averaging 26.9 PPG and 7.2 RPG while George puts up 21.2 PPG and 5.7 RPG. The Clippers sit second in the West, as expected, and the duo's massive salary is very justified.

3. Brooklyn Nets - $69.9 Million

Kevin Durant ($37.2 Million) & Kyrie Irving ($31.7 Million)

Brooklyn Nets Sign Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving To Form New Superteam In New York

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have the potential to be an extremely dominant duo. If KD can return to his MVP form, then the Nets should have a top-three cap hit. Especially, his pairing with Kyrie Irving put Brooklyn on the map as a real problem in the East.

Even with nearly $70 million invested in an injured KD and Kyrie pairing, the Nets have space to operate and surround them with good quality players that can win NBA titles.

2. Golden State Warriors - $72.9 Million

Stephen Curry ($40.2 Million) & Klay Thompson ($32.7 Million)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

No surprise, Stephen Curry makes a whopping $40 million while Klay comes in second with nearly $33 million. This duo was the base for a Golden State Warriors Dynasty that won three NBA rings in four years.

Curry and Klay changed the game, and they deserve the amount of money they get. They are the most successful duo in the NBA and deserve a top-two spot.

1. Houston Rockets - $ 76.7 Million

James Harden ($38.2Million) & Russell Westbrook ($38.5 Million)

(via DraftKings Nation)

(via DraftKings Nation)

At number one, Harden and Westbrook are the most expensive duo in the league. They make the most combined money at $76.7 million, Which is expected because each one was the franchise star of their team.

The Rockets trading for Russell Westbrook was an essential swap with Chris Paul, so they did not necessarily benefit money-wise from the trade.

What they did benefit was extending their title window since Westbrook is 4 years younger than Chris Paul. Harden and Westbrook are looking to lead the Rockets to their third title in franchise history.


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