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Top 10 Most Overrated Players In The NBA Right Now

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Without a doubt, the current NBA landscape has some of the most exciting players in league history. Almost every player has some form of offensive talent, and the free-scoring style of play has led to extreme excitement for fans and media alike.

Particularly, some star players are adored by their fans for being able to make spectacular plays on a nightly basis. Whether these guys can fly in the air for dunks, drain three-pointers, or awe the crowd with dribble moves, it's truly a great era for NBA basketball.

However, there are some star players who have been overrated by many fans in the league who might be blinded by exciting plays and offensive showcases. Here are the ten most overrated players in the league.

10. Lauri Markkanen

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Markkanen has a bright future because he is a shot-blocking big man who can really shoot it when he's feeling it. But right now, he doesn't seem to be living up to that potential. The Bulls are a very bad team, and Markkanen was expected to be a leader and imposing presence on the court. While it is normally difficult for foreign players to have that impact in the NBA, he hasn't really impressed by the levels we expected of him.

Markkanen can easily shake off the overrated label, but right now he has to accept it because the Bulls are simply no fun to watch right now. After a very impressive season last year, Markkanen is only shooting 42.5% and putting up 14.7 PPG for the 22-43 Bulls.

9. Al Horford

(via Liberty Ballers)

(via Liberty Ballers)

Horford was a gem in Boston since he gave tough defense and tremendous hustle every night. He was also a good shooter from outside, and he could stretch the floor as a center. But his progress has slowed down a lot this season, failing to make an impact with the Sixers. He doesn't seem to fit alongside Simmons and Embiid, who love to do their scoring inside the paint, and Horford looks like a backup big man right now.

The Sixers need to move on from Horford and get some type of value for him because right now he looks like an overrated player. In over 30 minutes of play per game, Horford is only averaging 12.0 PPG which is way too low for a max contract player.

8. Kyle Kuzma

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kyle Kuzma is supposed to be the third option on possibly the best team in the West, but clearly, he's not fit for that title yet. LeBron and AD do their business every night, but they need a third guy to come in and get 20 on a consistent basis.

Kuzma has the gunner mentality to score and get shots up, but he seems a bit distracted this season and hasn't developed into a better player compared to last year.

He is still young and developing, but Kuzma is an overrated player right now and that is why the Lakers have been shopping him for years now. Kuzma is averaging 12.5 PPG on 43.2% shooting from the field.

7. Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon 21321

Gordon clearly has special athleticism and physical gifts for a player his size. He is one of the most popular players in the NBA and easily one of the game's best dunkers. Gordon has such power and grace with his dunks and is one of the best dunkers we have ever seen.

But he cannot translate any particular impact to the NBA at that level. He is still an average shooter and we still don't know which position he can truly prosper in As a tweener, that is a tough position to be in. Gordon hasn't progressed as we have hoped and this makes him overrated. 14.4 PPG on 43.3% shooting on a poor Orlando Magic team isn't going to cut it.

6. Hassan Whiteside

(via Rip City Project)

(via Rip City Project)

Similar to Andre Drummond, Whiteside is a bit of a dinosaur in today's NBA. He blocks shots, rebounds, and is very tall, but can't do much else offensively. Not to mention, he has a history of struggling with motivation and sometimes is a horrid defensive player.

While Whiteside and Drummond are similar in their stature and style of play, Drummond is actually very consistent on defense and plays hard every night. Whiteside had a good run with the Heat before his max contract, where he has truly disappointed. His numbers are very good on paper, 16.3 PPG and 14.2 RPG, but this is what causes people to overrate him when he doesn't have the kind of impact needed to uplift a team.

5. Andre Drummond

Credit: USA Sports Today

Credit: USA Sports Today

Andre Drummond is possibly the best rebounder in the NBA, so how is he overrated? Well, the answer is because that is really all he can do. He can't be one of the main scoring options on a good team since he doesn't have much skill in the post. He is a matter of catching lobs and finishing putbacks, but his main impact is on defense and on the boards.

There is a reason why Detroit gave up their franchise player for peanuts because he simply isn't fit for today's NBA as a max player. Drummond has very good numbers, averaging 17.8 PPG and 15.8 RPG, but his impact has not been there in the wins column.

4. Tobias Harris

(via Fansided)

(via Fansided)

The Sixers signed Tobias Harris to a monster max deal this past summer, after losing Jimmy Butler to the Heat. Of course, Philadelphia did not want to lose their core group so they were ultimately forced to re-sign Harris.

But Harris is not good enough to take a team to the Promised Land. He is the second scoring option on the Sixers, where he is best suited to be a third option. For a third option who can't play defense like a Klay Thompson, this is money for an overrated player. So far this season, Harris is averaging 19.4 PPG which is good but certainly not max contract material.

3. Andrew Wiggins



Wiggins should be an All-Star already, but he just hasn't progressed to the levels many expect of him. Wiggins should be a lockdown defender, but he still hasn't got there yet. He should also be averaging 25 PPG in his sleep, and he clearly can't do that yet at any sort of efficiency. Instead, he's putting up 19.4 PPG and shooting under 46% from the field. These numbers pale in comparison to the amount of minutes he plays (33.6 MPG) and especially for someone with his athleticism.

Wiggins has the physical gifts to dominate the two or three positions but hasn't lived up to his potential. Because of this, he is an overrated player who cannot impact the game as a second or third option yet.

2. Kyrie Irving

(via Daily Shark)

(via Daily Shark)

Yes, the extremely talented offensive superstar Kyrie Irving is overrated. There is no doubt that he has the ability to be a number one scoring option (averaging 27.4 PPG this season), but many overrate him and consider him to be the type of player who can lead a team to the Finals.

This is not the case, because he is best suited to be a sidekick player because he is miniature and also doesn't have the "it factor" that guys like LeBron James or Kevin Durant have. Kyrie needs a big brother beside him, or else he will be a high scoring guard for very mediocre teams as we saw with Cleveland and Brooklyn this year.

1. Draymond Green

Fans React To Draymond Green Highlights From 2012 NBA Summer League: 'What Happened To This Draymond?'

To start things off, I think many people regard Draymond Green as an overrated player. While his style of play is more suited to a winning team, thanks to his hustle and defense, he lacks any real impact on a team that has no offensive talent.

Green is only averaging 8.0 PPG on 38.9% shooting this season, so probably he would want this season to be over quickly so he can have Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson back in full form.


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