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Top 10 Players Who Will Be Overpaid Next Season

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Earning a lot of money is one of the things players look up for the most when choosing where to sign, even if that means they’re not likely to actually compete for an NBA Championship any time soon.

Some players wind up chasing the cash after already winning the ring, while others just get overpaid out of pure desperation from teams or because they had a great – but unsustainable – prior campaign.

Obviously, there are players that earn their dough and are worthy of their very lucrative deal, but others aren’t able to pay back for all the faith management has in them as they’re not as good as everybody expected. Today, we’re going to let you know about some of the most overpaid players for next season.

10. Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo Anthony is one of the greatest isolation scorers in the history of basketball, but he’s nowhere near half as good and productive he used to be back in the day, with his shot not falling and getting more and more exposure on defense as years go by.

The Thunder should definitely try and discuss a buyout with Carmelo Anthony and just let him walk away, as paying a borderline washed out veteran as much as $27.928.140 seems like way too much, regardless of who he is.

9. Hassan Whiteside


Hassan Whiteside is by far one of the most overrated players in the league, and his excess of confidence is one of his biggest flaws as he keeps on talking smack but is unable to back it up on the hardwood.

Still, having a couple of nice seasons as a great rim protector for the Miami Heat made him earn a lot of money, but now the team is unwilling to pay him those $24.434262 after being how miserably he fared all year long and during the postseason.

8. George Hill

George Hill Cavsssss

George Hill is by far one of the best defensive minded point guards in the league, as well as being such a great underrated playmaker, but he’s getting way more money than he deserves after a terrific season at Utah.

He’s definitely improved the Cavs defense by a long shot when he’s been able to play, but with Cleveland likely to try and turn to their young core for the future, they’re a lock to try and move him and his $19.000.000 deal.

7. Luol Deng

Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Luol Deng is by far one of the worst signings in NBA history, not because he’s not a hell of a player, but because the Lakers still have to pay him $18.000.000 this upcoming season after the 32-year-old veteran just made one appearance throughout the season.

There’s simply no room for Deng in Los Angeles with the team relying on both Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma, and if they intend to make a run at Kawhi, LeBron or George, the go-to-move here is just buying him out.

6. Bismack Biyombo

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Bismack Biyombo earned a lot of money as he peaked over the last passage of the season when he was still a member of the Toronto Raptors, proving that he could become a top-tier rim protector worthy of a lucrative deal.

Needless to say, his good performances didn’t sustain over time and he even lost his starting gig with the sluggish Orlando Magic, but they’re still going to have to pay him as much as $17 million dollars next season.

5. Ian Mahinmi


Ian Mahinmi has never been much of a presence down low, but he’s still been a very productive big man off the bench, especially for the Washington Wizards backing up Marcin Gortat; but truth to be told, he’s one of the most overpaid players in the league.

Mahinmi’s offensive game is non-existent and he’s quite heavy footed on defense as well, and paying a 31-year-old backup center as much as $15.944.154 a season is something that just can’t be explained.

4. Timofey Mozgov

Timofey Mozgov Nets

Timofey Mozgov earned a lot of money after he became a huge factor in the Cleveland Cavaliers title run, but he just piled up DNP’s ever since the Lakers decided to sign him and then deal him to the Brooklyn Nets.

He’s already an NBA Champion so he shouldn’t be worried about playing time, especially at age 31. Still, with the Nets owing him as much as $16.000.000 next season, they should definitely explore a buyout for him.

3. Cody Zeller

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Cody Zeller is the “good” Zeller brother and has even been able to make a slight impact on offense for the Charlotte Hornets as a much light player than Dwight Howard to run the break, but he’s not worthy of a big deal and not even starting center material.

Zeller is owed as much as $14.471.910 for the upcoming campaign and with the team likely to enter rebuild mode and him being as injury prone as he is (as well as the fact that they now have Willy Hernangomez in their ranks), he’s a prime trade candidate for the upcoming season.

2. Omer Asik


Omer Asik was briefly considered to be a top-tier rebounder and a huge defensive presence below the rim, but following several injuries, he’s not even a part of any team’s rotation and the Bulls decided to absorb his contract in order to land a pick as well.

Asik’s NBA tenure seems over by now. With him never being an offensive factor, is very unlikely that he’s ever going to get another chance to play in this league. Besides, the Bulls still owe the 31-year-old Turkish center as much as $11.286.516 for next season.

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