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Top 10 Untouchable And Untradeable Players In The NBA Right Now

Top 10 Untouchable And Untradeable Players In The NBA Right Now

The NBA is full of talent across all positions, and almost every team has an All-Star player right now. With each of the best players in the league carrying a franchise, the league seems to be in a good place. After all, star players make the most money and carry the most pressure.

But there are only a handful of completely untouchable players, meaning that no matter the trade package offered, their respective franchises won't let them go. When looking at individual statistics, the team record, and the all-important eye test; here are the 10 untouchable players in the NBA right now.

10. Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum

Even though Jayson Tatum is only years of age, he has been the franchise player for the Celtics even if the likes of Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker have been on the roster over the past few years. A player of Tatum's skill is hard to come by, and he has shown he was the best draft choice in the 2017 Draft despite going No.3. When looking at what Tatum brings to the Celtics, it's clear he will be one of the best forwards in the NBA in due time.

Tatum is averaging 25.5 PPG and 7.3 RPG while making the Boston Celtics a consistent contender in the Eastern Conference despite his young age. Tatum is becoming more unstoppable by the year cannot be stopped by a single defender at this moment. His pure offensive talent and improving leadership make him untouchable.

9. Anthony Davis

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Anthony Davis dominated the league for years with the Pelicans, but he managed to win in the postseason once he joined the Lakers last year. Davis is averaging 22.5 PPG and 8.4 RPG this season, while only playing a total of 23 games. Davis is still capable of carrying an offense on his own and his defensive impact cannot be ignored either. All that remains is for Davis to remain healthy.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the team to beat upon the return of Davis and LeBron James because they are the most accomplished duo in the NBA right now. You can never look past championship swagger and Davis now has that along with his incredible skills which makes him completely untouchable.

8. Nikola Jokic

(via USA Today)

(via USA Today)

Nikola Jokic has blossomed into the most all-around big man in the NBA and has had one of the most dominant seasons in NBA history. Jokic might be the leading candidate for the MVP Award for the Nuggets, and it is hard to argue that when looking at his statistics and impact on his team.

In total games, Jokic is putting up 26.4 PPG and 11.0 RPG while leading the Nuggets to the 4th seed in the West. Jokic is also averaging 8.7 APG, ranking 5th in the NBA among all players. What Jokic brings to the table is very rare, and he will only get better as he is 25 years of age. That makes him as untradable as it gets.

7. Kawhi Leonard

(via Hoops Habit)

(via Hoops Habit)

Kawhi Leonard is only 29 years old, although it seems like he's been in the league for so long. Leonard already has a ton of individual and team accomplishments including 2 Finals MVPs, 2 NBA titles, and 2 Defensive Player of the Year Awards. Leonard is one of the best defensive wings of all time and he has only gotten better with age.

If Leonard wins his 3rd NBA title and 3rd NBA championship with his 3rd NBA franchise, he is entering very rare company. As a small forward, it would be hard to argue he is top-5 all-time. The Clippers know that Leonard is completely untouchable and if he leaves, they will be in shambles for a long time.

6. Zion Williamson

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Most likely the next face of the NBA, Zion Williamson is a superstar of the highest order. Even if New Orleans have underperformed this year, Zion has held his own. Williamson is putting up 26.9 PPG and 7.2 RPG this season and made his first All-Star Team in only his second season.

When it comes to pure athleticism, dominance, and impact; Zion Williamson ranks among the very best to do it right now. Zion is also developing a consistent jump shot and once he gets his three-point shot on point, we are looking at one of the most dominant NBA superstars of all time.

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Greek Freak means everything to the Milwaukee Bucks franchise, and without him, they would be in the lottery. Giannis is averaging a monster double-double for the Bucks and should be in the MVP race considering the impact he has on his team. 28.5 PPG, 11.2 RPG, and 6.0 APG is enough to make any star in the NBA untouchable.

Giannis Antetokounmpo won't be winning his third straight MVP Award, but he might be the most single valuable player to his team in the East. Giannis will continue to have trade rumors swirling around his head if he can't make the NBA Finals this year, but that isn't because Milwaukee want to trade him as he's completely untouchable.

4. Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic

What Luka Doncic brings to an NBA franchise is surreal. He does everything well on the floor and is already carrying the Dallas Mavericks franchise at 22 years of age. Doncic is only in his 3rd season and he is putting up MVP numbers for a team that has no business being in a playoff seeding.

With the Mavericks holding the 7th seed in the Western Conference, Doncic is putting up 28.6 PPG, 8.0 RPG, and 8.7 APG. Luka has a perfect all-around game at a very young age, even if he's only nailing 35.9% of his threes. But still, Luka is untouchable as he is an MVP player and still so young.

3. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is once again a dominant scorer in the NBA. Nothing will ever slow him down, even an Achilles injury. Durant is at his best, dropping 27.3 PPG on 46.2 % shooting from three. Despite playing on a squad with Kyrie Irving and James Harden, Durant is the most important player for the Nets' title chances.

Kevin Durant certainly won't mind missing out on an MVP Award or scoring title this season, and would rather take his time during the regular season. No player, other than a particular King, can turn it on in the playoffs like Durant. That makes him a top-3 untouchable in the league right now.

2. Stephen Curry

Vince Carter On How Dangerous Stephen Curry Is: “He Just Knows How To Catch You Sleeping.”

The greatest shooter in the NBA and the most dominant offensive weapon in the game right now, Curry is a Golden State Warrior for life. There is no way that the franchise would ever trade him, no matter the return they got. Curry has done too much for the franchise, and he is a game-changer on offense.

Curry is having an MVP season putting up 31.1 PPG and 5.9 APG on 42.5% shooting from three. Despite playing without Klay Thompson, Curry has the Golden State Warriors fighting for a playoff seeding. His impact is too great and he is the second most untouchable player in the NBA.

1. LeBron James

(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

The King is untouchable, to nobody's surprise. James is the best player in the NBA at 36 years old, and in terms of winning games, nobody does it better than James. The Lakers were the best team in the West before his injury and should still be the team to beat when he returns.

LeBron James is averaging 25.4 PPG, 7.9 RPG, and 7.9 APG which are his standard numbers. Even when he isn't close to his full effort, he puts up effortless numbers. What makes LeBron the most untouchable in the league is his ability to turn it on in the postseason, something which is invaluable.


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