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Top 11 Worst Brickers In The NBA

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Fadeaway World

Shooting is one of the most important abilities a basketball player should have, as the ability to pull up, catch and shoot or just create your own offense will definitely grant you a lot of advantages against some of the best defenders in the world.

Some players have made a living out of a more athletic, physical style of play and depending on the position they play, they may need shooting skills more or less, but in modern day NBA, even the big men have to have range in order to succeed.

Of course, there have been some exceptions that have been able to put incredible scoring numbers despite being mediocre shooters, but that doesn’t get them a free pass in our brickers list due to those horrible rocks they keep shoving at the backboard.

Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 11 brickers in the NBA, some guys that couldn’t be consistent shooters even if their lives depended on it, even though some of them are still elite ballers.

11. LeBrick James

The Cleveland Cavaliers ultimate idol is one of the worst shooters in the league, and that has never been a secret. Many of his fans can tell you he just makes the most of his strength while attacking the lane, but that’s just an excuse.

Still, being as smart as he is, LeBron has been a conscious shooter through his career, mostly scoring from close range and trying to attack the rim as much as possible. Being as strong as he is, it’s pretty hard to stop him, especially considering he’s great finishing through contact.

10. Russell WestBrick

Russell Westbrook has always been a scoring machine, as even when he used to team up with Kevin Durant, Westbrook liked to take some extra shots for pumping up his stats instead of sharing the ball.

Now that Durant is gone these practices have taken another level, as Russell is the leader of the squad, carrying all the weight of the offense, which includes taking more shots. As the result of this style of playing, Russ now averages .433 of field goal percentage with the unenviable number of .313 3-point field goal percentage. Luckily for him, he will have to share the ball with the newcomers Carmelo Anthony and Paul George.

9. EmmBrickel Mudiay

Over the course of his first two seasons in the league, Mudiay has made sure of demonstrating people his “gifts” at the time of shooting. The right-handed point guard has racked up not so good numbers during his stay at the NBA, being one of the first names that come to your mind when you ask for the worst shooters in the association.

In his first two experiences in the league with the Denver Nuggets, Mudiay has accumulated not so good stats, as the kid is averaging .369 of field goal percentage besides a horrible assist to turnover ratio without any sign of improvement. Besides, that’s not that far from his records with the triples, as he has scored an awful percentage .317 of 3-point field goals.

8. Ricky RuBrick

If Ricky were as good as scoring as he is passing the ball, he would be the complete package. Something similar to James Harden, but unfortunately for the Spaniard guard, his numbers at the time of attacking the rim aren’t precisely the best.

Although Rubio is everything but selfish, he might be thinking about focus only in giving assists, as his numbers don’t help him to be a real threat for the opponents. A proof of that is his poor field goal percentage of .375 and the not desirable 3-point field goal percentage of .315. Perhaps Ricky has magical hands, but they weren’t made exactly to score.

7. MarBrick Smart

Smart is one of many players that play better without the ball in their hands. Marcus is indeed one of the best defensive players in the league – and more having in count his position-, but when it comes to scoring… he’s good for opposing defenses also.

Smart showed last season during his minutes without Isaiah Thomas on the court he was unable to thrive and lead the team to score with the same ease Isaiah did. Smart has recorded a .358 field goal percentage and a terrible .291 3-point field goal percentage during his first three seasons as an NBA player.

6. JoaBrick Noah

Joakim Noah can pass, assist, take the ball up the court and even score with relative ease, but the way he throws the ball is awkward. The former Defensive Player of the Year has an odd and really ugly shooting form that makes him look weird while doing it.

Not even when shooting free throws he is free from those manners, as he looks like he’s creating a whirlwind while throwing the ball. Who knows, maybe that’s the reason why he never has attempted to make a three-pointer in the NBA? Oh, and the fact that coach Thibs’ reportedly forbid him from doing so.

5. Draymond Brick

It is true that Draymond is not the most talented player in the world, as his tasks take part in other facets of the game. Sure, he doesn’t need to worry about scoring since his team is a machine in that item, but Green has shown some things that just don’t look good.

His shooting is very weird and in the same way, ineffective. Green has evolved in several items, but his shooting mechanics hasn’t been one of them. He has accumulated very decent numbers through his five years of career, but when it comes to triples –unlike his teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson-, Draymond is not precisely the best player, thanks to his .334 3-point field goal percentage.

4. John Brick Wall

John Wall is a very talented point guard that has developed and improved his game every season he has played in the NBA, but just like we have witnessed watching this list, there is something missing, always.

This time is the effectiveness of the Washington Wizards player when attempting to make 3’s. Wall is one of the worst on this item, which doesn’t look like a solid argument to state that you’re the best point guard in the Eastern Conference. During his years in the league, he has recorded a 3-point field percentage of .321, one of the worst among the guards, and more seeing the quality of Wall in others areas of the game. Well, at least he got Beal and Porter besides him.

3. Harrison Bricks

Barnes was expected to be a scoring machine when he first landed at Golden State a couple of seasons ago, but after several terms trying to impress and thrive without any success, he decided to leave the organization. Well, now looks like the problem was Barnes and not the team, as the Warriors keep winning while Harrison is struggling to find a good shape.

So, he has achieved none of the things he was expected to, decreasing his level every season since he left the current NBA champions. One of those items and what makes him look really bad out of the bay is his average with 3-point shots (.370) and a shooting mechanic that look really terrible.

2. DeMar DeBrickzan

The second spot on the list is occupied by one of the best and most spectacular players in the league, DeMar DeRozan. DeRozan is an outstanding player that every night manages to enchant people not only from Toronto but the rest of the league. However, there are some points where the Los Angeles native at the time of taking his game to another level.

DeRozan is considered by many as the worst 3-point shooter in the league, regardless of the fact that he is one of the best attacking the rim. Although he has a very good field goal percentage of .446, when it’s time to talk about his triples, DeMar is nothing but awful, putting a horrendous percentage of .281 3P%.

1. Andre Robrickson

Andre starred one of the most comments moments in recent days not only in NBA but overseas, as the shooting guard was recently mocked by the new addition of the Houston Rockets, Chris Paul, before attempting to make a three-pointer earlier this week.

Well, you can say whatever you want about Paul, but he had a point on not defending Roberson. Although he has a delusory .473 percentage of field goal – he shoots nearly four times during a game, when it comes to triples, he has averaged a percentage of .260, a horrendous number for somebody that plays as a shooting guard. As a matter of fact, even if he’s wide open, he doesn’t even bricks, he just airballs.