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Top 3 Worst Trades in Lakers History


What is it about trades that drives us mental as an NBA fan? Whether its rumors or confirmed signings we can't get enough! I think we can all agree though, there's nothing worse than a bad trade. It's a bit like the new year's hangover, no matter how much you whine, there's no getting rid of it.

So what makes a bad trade then? It all comes down to one word... value! That's all we are after as fans, value for money and the sight of our franchise not getting it will drive you to the crazy house.

There's perhaps no better team that typifies this attitude than the Los Angeles Lakers. When you move to LA, you better deliver as the spotlight is 10x brighter!

Here are 3 of worst trades made by the Lakers with that magic word in mind... value!

Steve Nash

Lakers Worst Trade Mistakes

What a career this man had! 19 years, Two-time MVP, sadly for Lakers fans, they saw absolutely none of it! And if we are talking about value, Nash's trade is the stuff that gives economists nightmares!

65 games over a 3-year contract, worth 28 million dollars!! This one still hurts LA fans. Nash was plagued by injuries during this period which eventually forced his retirement.

Not to mention, in return for getting an injury prone veteran past his use by date, the Lakers lost 4 draft picks, 2 of which were the first round.

Arguably this deal is still hurting the Lakers.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard Lakers Mistake

How can I not include a man that still to this day gets booed in LA?!

This quote from an interview Dwight did with ESPN says pretty much all you need to know..

"I'll never forget a game in Boston against the Celtics, we got blown out. Coach still had me in when we were down by 30. After the game, a Lakers fan throws a jersey in my face. It was my name on that jersey. I'll never forget that for the rest of my life."

What was supposed to be a trade sent from heaven to the Lakers, turned into a disaster. Howard fled the bright lights of LA after only 1 year, where his PPG dropped to the lowest since his second year in the NBA. There was also the in-house fighting with Kobe - what a shock... Bryant not getting along with a big man who accused him of shooting
too often... I feel like I've seen this before!

I guess the predictions of Howard bringing back to life the Shaq-Kobe era for the Lakers were true after all, sadly though, it wasn't on the court.

So after initially gaining most in what was dubbed the 'super trade', the Lakers were now left with nothing as Howard signed a max deal in Houston. Bad value indeed.

Caron Butler


Purely from a value standpoint, this one must make the list.

Butler was coming off a very solid season playing alongside Kobe Bryant, averaging 15ppg and making some rather handy contributions. The Lakers still after a big man, decide it would be worth looking to trade for Kwame Brown from Washington.

After being a number 1 overall draft pick Brown spent 4 years disappointing everybody in Washington, and at the very best, showing flashes of average form. What made these facts so appealing to the Lakers I'll never know.

Anyway, so the trade was made. Butler for Brown. If you're still unsure that this is worthy of being in the top 3 'bad value trades', let's examine the facts.

Kwame frustrated the Lakers for a year, causing many headaches with some bizarre plays, averaged the only 8 ppg, and had little to no impact. Butler on the other hand, who was only 24 (perhaps the most frustrating fact of the trade), went to Washington, had a career-best season and a year later became an All-Star. Ouch.


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