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Top 5 Best Destinations For LaMelo Ball

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LaMelo Ball, like pretty much every single one on his family, it's a polarizing figure right now. He clearly has the upside and talent to become the next superstar and take the league by storm in no time, but there are also a few red flags about him.

LaVar Ball aside and focusing solely on Melos' game, it's clear that he's got some shot-selection issues, needs to add a lot of muscle, put - way - more effort in the defensive end, and work to become a much more efficient shooter.

But even with all those things, he's still a lock to be a top-5 selection on this upcoming Draft. That tells you a lot about how talented he is in the offensive end. But where could he thrive the most? Which team could put his talents to good use and help him fulfill his seemingly endless potential? Let's break it down:

5. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves finally gave up on Andrew Wiggins and paired Karl-Anthony Towns with his lifelong friend D'Angelo Russell. It's clear that they're highly invested in their future and thus adding another young star to their core must be a priority.

There will be plenty of issues in the defensive end with Towns, Russell, and Ball all on the same team, that's clear. However, we're talking about the potential of one of the most explosive backcourts in the world with arguably the best scoring big man in the league, so it's worth the try.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted point guards in back-to-back Drafts so it would be kind of odd to see them take LaMelo in this Draft. Still, it's clear that neither Collin Sexton nor Darius Garland have fulfilled their expectations thus far.

So, if they were to move one of those young hoopers, they could finally jumpstart their rebuilding process with a young star like LaMelo. They have enough assets to get more picks and young players around him, especially if they move Kevin Love's deal.

3. Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have put together one of the most impressive young cores in the league. Still, it feels like they could trade some of their young guns to add more veterans that could impress their terrible defense. If they do that, adding Melo would be the next step.

I mean, they would have two offensive juggernauts for many years to come on Ball and Trae Young. They could both play on and off the ball and wreak havoc on opposing defenses. But as we mentioned before, it would only work out if they'd add top-notch defenders next to them.

2. Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons finally dealt with the fact that they had to go through a roster overhaul and traded away Andre Drummond. The next step is moving Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose as well and going full throttle with their young players.

If LaMelo Ball were to end in Michigan, the Pistons would instantly become his team. It'll all be about him and we know how much the Balls love it when they're the center of attention. Also, he could grow through his mistakes with a lot of patience and shots.

1. New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have been craving a star for years and LaMelo Ball might as well end up being the guy they need. He's 6'7'' and he's likely to grow a couple of inches before the Draft so they could even shift them to the two or the three if they don't want him running the point.

Ball has plenty of professional experience despite his tender age so you know he's used to being in the spotlight and playing in the Madison Square Garden won't overwhelm him. With that many people being 50/50 on him, he'd definitely be the ultimate Knicks pick.


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