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Top 5 Best In-Gamer Dunkers In The NBA

Mark Blinch/The Canadian Press via AP

Mark Blinch/The Canadian Press via AP

One of the most important parts of the NBA and the attention it has from all over the world are the highlight plays the players create, and more importantly the dunks the players make game in and game out. The fans love seeing incredible dunks and highlight plays from their favorite athletes, so Fadeaway World brings you the five bestin-gamee dunkers that the fans love watching inn today's NBA.

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo - Milwaukee Bucks

Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP

Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP

The ‘Greek Freak’ is one of the most exciting players in the NBA. His skills, length, versatility, athleticism, and youth are some traits of his that have made the entire sports world talk about him. His in-game dunks, however, are just incredible to watch. Fans fall in love with Giannis and the way he dunks with power, the emotion afterward and his celebrations with his teammates.

Night in and night out he is in the daily top 10 with his highlight plays. Posterizing defenders, dunking in transition but also finishing windmills and powerful jams from way back keep the crowd entertained and is why the 22-year old Greek is one of the best in-game dunkers in the league.

4. LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers


LeBron James has always had these powerful, nasty dunks that fans do not stop talking about. He has never participated in the All-Star Slam Dunk contest, but in-game, LeBron is one of the best to ever do it. His mean faces, stare-downs and incredible tomahawk are what give the fans a show and what they come to see. When he runs down the court in transition, everyone knows he will finish inside the lane with a ridiculous powerful dunk, and no defender can stop him.

With Dwayne Wade’s signing in Cleveland, LeBron will reunite with his best friend, the player who loves to throw lobs at and he will finish some spectacular alley-oops this season. Their connection on the court creates many dunk highlights that the fans will get enough of this season.

3. Zach Lavine - Chicago Bulls

Zach LaVine Trade Rumors

Even though he is injured to start the season, Zach LaVine remains the best dunker in the NBA (2x slam-dunk champ) and one of the best in-game dunkers as well. His dunk on Alex Len last year had everyone talking as he showed how he can also posterize players than just finishing a crazy dunk in transition. His bounce is insane and according to him, he is jumping higher than he used to, which is crazy just to think about.

After Vince Carter in the early 2000s, Zach LaVine seems to be the player who dunks the ball incredibly well, can finish 360s, between the legs but also windmill dunks from the free-throw line. He is certainly one exciting player to watch compete as he can make a highlight in just the blink of an eye.

2. Victor Oladipo - Indiana Pacers


Oladipo’s incredible poster dunk on Dwight Howard last season was voted the dunk of the year. His speed, tenacity, height and athletic ability make him really exciting when it comes to highlight plays. His 360s in-game dunks to go along with powerful one-handed jams and poster dunks have made him one of the best in-game dunkers in the association.

With Paul George’s trade to Oklahoma and Oladipo’s to Indiana, the 25-year old guard will try to fill in PG-13’s role and make some good highlight plays for Indiana Pacers’ fans.

1. Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder


Westbrook’s highlights are out of this world. The way he dunks the ball makes fans go crazy. The way he runs the court down in seconds and finishes at the rim with power and force makes his dunks special. Moreover, his passion for the game of basketball and emotion he has when he is competing is something special to watch. He can dunk on defenders, throw down a mean dunk in transition, finish a tomahawk jam but also finish a windmill dunk even though he is only 6-3. He is a fan favorite and his dunks pump up the crowd, his teammates and himself.

This year with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony next to him, Westbrook will have to share the ball more but his powerful and mean dunks will not go away.