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Top 5 Destinations For Anthony Davis That Would Shock And Piss Off Lakers Fans Forever

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

When one thinks of a superstar big man, Anthony Davis immediately comes to mind. He is averaging 26.7 PPG and 9.4 RPG while shooting 51.1% from the field for the best team in the Western Conference. Clearly, AD made the right move requesting a trade from New Orleans as he has set himself up for a strong career with the Lakers.

However, there may still be some doubts over AD's career in LA. If the Lakers don't win the title this year, things will start getting interesting in Los Angeles. LeBron James isn't getting any younger, even though he seems to defy mother nature, and he might soon slow down more than expected. If this happens, Davis might not want to stick around in a rebuilding Lakers team that will always have a ton of pressure.

If Davis starts to look elsewhere, he might flee to one of these destinations to not only benefit himself but to piss off a huge amount of Lakers fans across the world.

5. Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are a franchise that loves superstar players and they have two of their own in James Harden and Russell Westbrook. If they could add Anthony Davis to the squad, they would literally shell out every single asset they have to make it happen. A big three of Harden, Westbrook, and Anthony Davis would clearly be the number one team in the West.

But fans would not like to move at all by AD. If Davis does make this move, it is because he would not like the pressure of being the number one option for the Los Angeles Lakers and would rather have the pressure directed towards Russell Westbrook and especially James Harden. By joining Harden's team, Davis essentially avoids criticism if they don't win a title and he can just enjoy the ride.

4. New Orleans Pelicans

Perhaps the most annoying move that Anthony Davis can make is rejoining the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis made a big fuss when he wanted to be traded from New Orleans and started to impact the team in a negative fashion, including the fans. When Davis was granted his wish, he seemed more motivated to play and many New Orleans fans hate him for leaving.

If the Lakers lose this year in the playoffs and LeBron starts to show his age, Davis might look towards New Orleans once again because they have an up-and-coming young squad that features a superstar in Zion Williamson and all-star talents in Brandon Ingram. Many would feel that Davis is showing weakness by running away from a team and rejoining the same team later on, and he might become one of the villains of the NBA if he made this move.

3. Boston Celtics

The Celtics have had their hand in a ton of trade rumors over the past few years because they have collected an assortment of very valuable draft picks and young talented players. They struck gold, or so they thought when they traded for Kyrie Irving and signed Gordon Hayward and free agency. Clearly, the Celtics are one of the best-run franchises in the league and also a legendary franchise throughout history.

But Davis would create a lot of enemies if he went to Boston. First, the Celtics are the bitter rivals for the Los Angeles Lakers throughout history and they have constantly gone back and forth in terms of who have won the most NBA titles. Second, the father Anthony Davis once famously mentioned how he would never wish his son to play for Boston after what they did to a then-superstar Isaiah Thomas.

According to Anthony Davis's father, Thomas poured his heart and soul for the Celtics yet they still traded him off when they thought Kyrie Irving would suit the team better. all this bitterness would come falling on top of Anthony Davis and then eat fans would be extremely pissed off if he left the Los Angeles Lakers and favor of the Boston Celtics.

2. Los Angeles Clippers

If Davis were to decide to stay in Los Angeles, but not want to play with an old LeBron James, the Clippers are clearly the next-best option for him. They already have a happy Kawhi Leonard, because he made it clear he wants to be in Los Angeles, and another superstar in Paul George. Clearly, AD so those two superstars would probably give the Clippers an NBA title every year.

Many fans already have a target on AD's back for joining LeBron and the Lakers, but his target would be much bigger if he joined the rival Clippers and formed a "Big Three" there instead of with the Lakers. The Lakers have a tremendously loyal fanbase so Davis will be hated forever for making this move.

1. Golden State Warriors

If Anthony Davis decides to stay in Los Angeles but not necessarily play for the Clippers, he might decide to go to the Golden State Warriors. After all, they have won three NBA titles and have made the NBA their own little playing ground over the past few years thanks to their array of superstar players. Davis might feel like he can add to that and create the greatest Golden State Warriors Dynasty, a dynasty that might even be greater than the one with Kevin Durant.

This would be an extremely bold move by Anthony Davis because many fans are already unnerved when Kevin Durant decided to join the Golden State Warriors a few years ago. For AD to join the Warriors and create yet another unbeatable Super Team, tons of fans would be very disappointed and the Warriors would clearly be the number one contender for the NBA title every single year.


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