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Top 5 Best Destinations For J. Cole If He Wants To Play In The NBA

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Fadeaway World

It's not that far-fetched to think that a person can excel at two different things. Damian Lillard, for example, has found some nice success with his rapping career as Dame D.O.L.L.A while also being one of the most respected and highest-paid NBA players.

Well, this time, turns out that hip-hop superstar J. Cole is trying to it the opposite way. After becoming a multi-millionaire rapper, he's reportedly now training day and night to pursue his dream of making an NBA roster next season.

And, while some may say that signing J. Cole would be disrespectful to players grinding in the G-League or playing overseas, let's face it: the NBA is a business and Cole would be a massive success, sales-wise. Also, he's a pretty good basketball player, as we've seen in the All-Star Celebrity games.

For those who didn't know, J. Cole was actually a walk-on basketball player at St. John’s University but he decided to pursue his career as an artist. Now that he's made it, let's take a look at the top 5 destinations he should consider if he wants to play in the NBA:

5. New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have been a lost franchise for years. Now, under new management, they might as well try whatever it takes to become a relevant team again, and that includes signing one of the most famous hip-hop artists of the nation.

Also, J. Cole is used to performing in the biggest stages and there's no bigger stage than the Madison Square Garden. Last, but not least, nobody's expecting the Knicks to actually compete any time soon, so he wouldn't have that much pressure on his shoulders.

4. Houston Rockets

J. Cole has proven to be a fine three-point shooter every time he's played with celebrities and the footage shows he's not afraid to pull up from beyond the arc. That means he'd be a perfect fit for Mike D'Antoni's run-and-gun, high-octane offense.

Moreover, he's reportedly great friends with both Russell Westbrook and James Harden, so he'd have plenty of time to chill with his buddies. It's a long shot but hey, we've seen crazier things happen in the NBA. Maybe he's the missing piece, who knows?

3. Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently stacked at the shooting guard spot but it's pretty clear that they're lacking another point guard, especially with Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo out. LeBron is one of the best playmakers ever but he's not a true point guard.

So, why not turn their attention to J. Cole? He's 6'2'' so he has the size. He used to play so he has the basic knowledge and fundamentals, and he can pull up from beyond the arc, which means he can be a nice fit next to the King. He's also friends with LeBron and Anthony Davis, and it's L.A. Get it done.

2. Golden State Warriors

We should never count the Golden State Warriors out. Not when talking about candidates or about a free agent trying to win an NBA Championship. Honest to God, the Warriors may be J. Cole's biggest chance to add a ring to his jewelry collection.

The Warriors are a huge market and J. Cole's jersey sales would skyrocket in a matter of minutes. They also have enough depth to keep him around for just a couple of minutes, garbage time, or who knows, even back up either of the Splash Brothers.

1. Charlotte Hornets

We've seen J. Cole rocking Hornets' jerseys before and he's a regular presence in Charlotte Hornets' games. He's clearly all about representing his hometown so there's no reason why Michael Jordan shouldn't make a business decision and just sign him.

Also, let's face it. The Charlotte Hornets aren't going to be contending for a playoff spot any time soon. They could give J. Cole the most playing time among all of these teams, backing up Devonte' Graham and Terry Rozier. It's a long shot but they should at least consider it.


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