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Top 5 NBA Stars In Need Of Redemption


The NBA is full of its up and down moments. Every team and every player go through good and bad times. While some are more extreme than others, it's a natural process of pro basketball.

So when you talk about redemption, it's singling out some players that need to redeem a bad season. For the guys on this list, their value and production have dipped to disappointing levels. In order to rise back to stardom, they'll need a serious redemption story.

LaMarcus Aldridge


The San Antonio Spurs are known for being one of the best organizations in all of the sports. Their respect and stability is a thing of rare beauty in today's NBA. But that hasn't changed LaMarcus' mind of wanting out. That's right, he has not been happy playing for the Spurs. His production has slipped, his reputation has dropped, and his value as a star has taken a steep hit. In order to get some of that back, he'll need to impress this upcoming season. he needs to be the star the Spurs need him to be.

D'Angelo Russell


You either loved D'Angelo or hated D'Angelo. But even those that hated him never would have guessed the Lakers would trade him for a guy like Brook Lopez. But that is exactly what happened, and D'Lo will likely fade into the sunset. In order to keep everyone's eyes focused on him, and to prove he belongs in the league, he'll have to lead the Nets in a dominating way. The team is completely his, so he has every opportunity to turn some heads.

Carmelo Anthony


Melo isn't the guy he used to be. That doesn't mean, however, that he's washed up. If you ask a lot of basketball fans, Carmelo would hardly make their list of top 15. To be honest, the New York Star did disappoint last year, even on a team that was not going anywhere. To find that swagger again, Anthony will have to show the world he's still as much a star today as he was a few years back. The pressure is on.

Joakim Noah


Talk about abysmal seasons, Joakim Noah has almost literally hit rock bottom. Once considered an MVP candidate, Noah has fallen hard since his back injury a few seasons ago. Since then, he just has not been able to produce at a productive level. Joakim Noah will need to redeem himself big time come October, or his future in the league could be in jeopardy.

Derrick Rose


My, how the mighty have fallen. The 2011 MVP is now getting paid close to the vet minimum at under 30 years old. The reason it took Rose so long to get signed was that he was expecting something more. Once reality hit him though, it must have been a tough blow. With no Kyrie, Rose has a second chance to regain the spotlight. If he can show the world that he's still got some MVP flashes in him, his value may be restored.