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Top 6 Stats Cleveland Fans Don't Want To See After The Blowout Loss To Golden State Warriors

Photo Credit: NBA on TNT

Photo Credit: NBA on TNT

What was it Draymond Green said after the 2014/2015 finals?

"Cavaliers, nope! We won, yup! They suck, yeah!" Maybe we should add, Kevin Durant, yup!

Does one regular season, blowout win make that statement true? Of course, it doesn't. Does it actually mean anything at all if these two, indeed meet up for a much-anticipated rematch of the NBA finals this year? Probably not.

But admit it Cavs fans, you’re worried. And with the amount of concerning statistics being thrown around from every media outlet, I would be worried too.

These are some of the better ones...


1. This is the worst loss from a defending champion in the past decade

By definition, defending champions aren’t supposed to have big losses. When we get used to a set of standards set by a champion team, it’s a shock to the system to see them fall below. We have to go all the way back to the 06-07 season to find a worse loss by a defending champion. On this occasion, Miami lost to the Chicago Bulls by 42 points. Ouch.

2. The Cavaliers were outscored by 32 with LeBron James on the court

Not only this, it was the second worst +/- of his career, AND worst shooting game of the season. Which leads into the next stat.

3. LeBron James was 0-5 when Kevin Durant was defending him

Much was made of Kevin Durant's offensive prowess when he signed onto Golden State's roster this season. However, it's perhaps been his defense that has been most useful for the Warriors. There is no better example than this match up. Have Golden State finally found an answer to keep King James quiet?

4. The Warriors are now 17-0 when Draymond Green has a triple double

Do I even have to say anything more to prove show how important this man is to his team?

From a Cleveland perspective, the reason to be worried? Draymond had ABSOLUTE control of his end on defense tonight! 13 rebounds of which 11 were on the defensive end. One steal, and five crucial blocks! He shut down the offense. Not to even mention his eleven points and assists.

Forget Curry and Durant. The Cavs must do a better job on this man.

5. Steph Curry had as many 3's as Kyrie Irving had 2 pointers

This one is just fun to think about. What has happened to Kyrie? In his previous 4 games, he is shooting just 32.2%. Think back only a few weeks, he was king of the world after yet another clutch finish against the Warriors. How times change.

6. This is the fourth time this season the Warriors have had 25 assists in ONE-HALF

Nobody else has done this once. Golden State are the best team in the NBA at moving the ball. Fact.

Tyronn Lue and the Cavs must come up with a plan to counter this.

They are just a few of the stats floating around after the game, but as your friends who are Cavs fans I'm sure will tell you. This game meant nothing. Oh, and remember 3-1?


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