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Twins Separated at Death

Twins Separated at Death

Steph Curry has become the modern day Pete Maravich. They're like twins separated at death. In 1988 the same year that "Pistol Pete" died, two months later "Chef Curry" was born. The similarities are too glaring to gloss over.

Both players filled arenas and mesmerized fans with their eye-popping hoop wizardry. Their fathers played in the league setting a path for their sons to play Varsity basketball in N. Carolina. Both went on to lead the NCAA in scoring. While neither players are known for being great defenders, both players would become two of the best ball handlers and best shooters in NBA history. Both players made the All-Rookie 1st team. Stephen Curry and Pete Maravich set their current career highs in points vs the "Knicks".

They earned their only scoring title in their 7th season while posting exactly 13 (40 or more pts games during that span). Pete's average was 31.1 ppg while Steph's average was 30.1 ppg. Steph became the first PG since Pete to average 30-5-5 in a season.

They also earned All-NBA 1st team in their 6th and 7th season after previously being All-NBA 2nd for a year. Curry became the 1st player since the Pistol to lead both the NCAA and NBA in scoring. Both set and topped their own current records for 3 consecutive seasons. Steph led the NBA in total 3s made in 2014, 15' and 16'. Pete's NCAA record still stands from 1968, 69' and 70' with averaging over 44 ppg.

Both are considered to be the greatest showmen of their time, the ultimate H.O.R.S.E. players with flamboyant passing and deep range shots that have transcended the game. Unfortunately, out of all the pre-1980s stars, it was the Pistol's whose career that would've been transformed the most by the 3 point line.

As similar as they are, they were polar opposites on and off the court. Ironically Steph Curry has achieved all the success that Pete never got the chance to enjoy. Pete's teams were getting knocked out of the first round while Curry was the leader of a 73-9 NBA record. Steph won back to back MVPs and became the 1st unanimous while Pete was voted top 5 only once in his career.

Steph Curry has enjoyed playing with exceptional talent while Pete's best teammates were Lou Hudson and ultimately Larry Bird in his final season. Curry became a champion in 2015 while the Pistol never played in the finals. They both suffered nagging injuries during their careers but Pete's injuries ended his, while Curry's ankle problems came early.

Pete chased demons with alcohol during his playing days that sometimes had a bad effect on his team's chemistry. Sadly he only played ten seasons in the NBA and then died at the age of 40. But as long as Curry is playing, Pete's legacy will live on as one of 50 greatest players in NBA history.


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