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Two Huge Reasons Why NBA Teams Must Tank This Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

We’re only weeks into the 2018/2019 NBA regular season, there’s already a handful of teams that we know don’t have any chance of making a big impact this season.

With playoffs not a realistic option for teams such as Cleveland and Phoenix, there is a big motivation to tank for a higher chance of securing one of Duke’s two young stars.

Zion Williamson and R.J. Barrett are two of the highest prospects for the 2019 Draft and, any experts believe that adding one of these young players to your team could really make a big difference.

Williamson is known for his incredible dunking abilities and ultimately his body size and weight with only one player in the NBA that weighs more than this 18-year-old. Zion Williamson finds it quite easy to score and score heavy every game, even working and improving on his one weakness, his 3 point shot.

R.J. Barrett, on the other hand, is just about the complete opposite player to what Williamson is, much thinner and taller with extended arms to shoot over defenders and take opponents off the dribble. As the godson of Steve Nash, Barrett has had just as much spotlight as Zion Williamson as he has hit the scene.

According to Matt Ellentuck, it's time for your teams to tank:

Last season’s draft was stacked with talent in the top-7 or so with no clear No. 1 pick, rewarding some of the middle-tier losers like the Mavs with Luka Doncic and Hawks with Trae Young. In 2019, there are two players worth throwing an entire season away for: Zion and R.J.

So, Wizards, maybe it is time to trade John Wall. Cavs, Kevin Love needs some rest after surgery. Knicks — keep doing you! Even with NBA Draft lottery reform flattening the odds of the absolute worst teams picking at the top of the draft, it still helps to be terrible.

Get your helmets on, it’s time to tank.

The pair has been lighting in up at the college level, playing for Duke, they’ve shown that they’re ready for the NBA which should excite all basketball fans, in general, knowing that the league is about to get two really great players.

The difference between this upcoming draft and the previous is that this one seems to have a pretty clear top few picks that sides will be desperate to take advantage of.

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