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Ultimate Player Mix: Who Becomes The Best NBA Prototype

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Every NBA superstar player has flaws. This is true for every single one of them since at the end of the day they are human. No one is perfect, even if it seems like they are.

Some superstar players have more flaws than others, and some are even handicapped with their flaws. What if we could correct them and combine their skillset with that of some of the NBA's all-time greats?

We have seen so many legends play the game, and they are renowned for their special skill sets that translated to NBA championships, multiple-time All-Star appearances, and plenty of exciting moments for NBA fans worldwide. Here are the combinations of current superstar players with historical greats.

Giannis Antetokounmpo + Dirk Nowitzki Shooting

Giannis is one of the best five players on Earth despite not having a consistent jumper in his arsenal. He is incredibly long and athletic, which gives him easy looks at the rim practically anytime he wants. Giannis uses his sublime skillset to beat defenders with his dribble moves, then extend his arms to almost reach the rim standing up.

He is truly one of a kind. But giving him Dirk's shooting ability would make him unstoppable and probably the best player in the world. He would have no weakness, and no defensive schemes would be able to slow him down. He could use his length to shoot over anybody, with accuracy and precision just like Dirk used to do en route to his NBA Finals ring.

James Harden + Scottie Pippen Defense

Harden is a tremendous scorer, and there is no question about that, but one major knock on his game is his defense. Harden, although improved over the last few years, struggles to stay in front of anybody that well. He can't move his feet and sometimes just gives up on the play, allowing the offensive player to run into his bigs.

Giving Harden the defensive ability of one of the best defensive players ever in Scottie Pippen, he would truly be one of the best players ever. He could stop you on one end, then drop 50 on the other end. This would be amazing to watch.

Luka Doncic + Julius Erving Athleticism

Doncic has bloomed already into an NBA superstar and is one of the best players in the world. He can shoot, pass, rebound, and even run the show with the ball in his hands all game long. Doncic is a spectacular player who's sky is truly the limit.

But he is not gifted athletically. While he is strong with wide shoulders, he does not run or jump like some of the best athletes in the world. Giving him Dr. J's athleticism would make him even more deadly, as he could finish at the rim much easier and score more points on the break.

LeBron James + Larry Bird Shooting

LeBron is one of the best players ever, thanks to his all-around skillset predicted on passing and controlling the tempo of the game. But one flaw that we can find in LeBron's game is his inconsistent shooting. While he has proven he can make jumpers when it counts, he has always gone through poor stretches of shooting from the free-throw line, from three, and mid-range.

Larry Bird, the second greatest small forward ever behind LeBron, does not have this weakness. He was money from everywhere and was truly a dependable player when it came to swishing shots from everywhere. If LeBron had this shooting ability, he would be the greatest player ever.

Anthony Davis + Allen Iverson Speed

AD is a unicorn talent who can play like a guard despite standing tall as a center. He can dribble pass, rebound, defend, and score which makes him a top-six player in the world.

But imagine if he could run like a guard too? If AD had Allen Iverson's quickness and speed, he would be very exciting to watch. He could get to anywhere he wants to go on the floor, without worrying too much about anyone catching up to him. If AD had this quickness, he would surely average 35 a game.

Damian Lillard + Magic Johnson Leadership

Lillard is a great player, who performs in the clutch and has a world-class jumper from deep. Dame also finds it exceptionally easy to score at will, using his quickness and explosiveness to get to the basket. But one knock on his game is his floor leadership.

As more of a scoring point guard, he would be a very complete player with Magic leadership. In fact, he could argue a case of being the best point guard ever. Dame can average close to 30 a night, but imagine if he could pass and run the show like the legendary Magic Johnson? Incredible.

Kawhi Leonard + Kobe Bryant Killer Instinct

Kawhi Leonard is one of the best small forwards ever, thanks to his ability to shut down the opposition on defense and then calmly take over the game on offense. His patient and controlled demeanor is a big part of his game, which allows him to stay cool under pressure and never panic.

But what if he had Kobe Bryant's killer instinct? What if Kawhi truly wanted to be the greatest player in the world like Kobe Bryant did? He would snatch the throne as the best player in the league and try to dominate the game in every manner. While Kawhi is a great player, a killer instinct would cement him as the world's best player.

Stephen Curry + Michael Jordan Mentality

Curry is the best shooter ever, and there is no question about that. He has changed the game and is the reason for the free-flowing style of play that we see now. It is almost guaranteed that we will never see another player like Curry again.

But critics will always point to his nonchalance and even his poor record under pressure. Curry has not always performed to his level in tight moments, and even disappears at times when his team needed him most. If he had MJs mentality to kill everybody on the court, he would just use his exceptional shooting ability to take over in tight moments without worrying about consequences. That would be a scary thing to see.

Kevin Durant + Shaquille O'Neal Strength

Durant is arguably a top-five scoring talent in NBA history, thanks to his length and extremely varied skill set. Durant could average 30 in his sleep and is a multiple-time scoring champion for a reason.

When nitpicking at his game for a flaw, which he has almost none, Durant is physically weak. He cannot use his body to score easily much like LeBron James does, and especially Shaquille O'Neal. If Durant had the strength of the latter, we might be looking at an Mt. Rushmore player. He could back his defender down and shoot over them with ease, which probably would have been enough for him to capture a ring with the Thunder.

Russell Westbrook + Tim Duncan IQ

Westbrook is a great player and truly affects the game in almost every facet. He is a triple-double machine who can average 10 assists and 10 rebounds per game for the rest of his career. He is very explosive and is unstoppable at getting to the rim anytime he wants.

But one major flaw in his game is his poor basketball decision making. If he could inherit, magically, the I.Q. of Tim Duncan, he might be the best guard in the league. He would no longer take bad shots, know when to attack the rim, and focus his efforts closer to the basket instead of launching threes at very low efficiency.

Karl-Anthony Towns + Dennis Rodman Hustle

KAT is a tremendous talent who still has plenty of room to grow as a budding superstar. He can shoot, defend, rebound, and really do it all on a consistent basis. But he simply does not possess the drive and hustle of the greats, including former star Dennis Rodman.

Rodman would claw for every rebound and always give his 100% each and every game. He would his team to victory through his hustle, which is a reason why he is a multiple-time champion. If KAT had this in him, he would be a much better player as that fuel and desire would make him more effective on the court and more respected by opponents.


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