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What If LeBron James Never Left Miami Heat?

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

"Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven..." was the quote by LeBron during an opening pep rally that ushered in the dawning of the "Big Three" era that would come to define Miami for years to come.

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It wasn't a great start for LeBron and the Heat, as they had many challenges in the beginning. They lost to Dallas in their first championship run, and it left many bruises for the franchise.

But that didn't matter in the end... after Miami went on to win two championships in a row and cement their legacy in NBA history.

In the end, the LeBron, Wade, and Bosh era in Miami was defined by their rings. It was defined by that infamous 27-game winning streak that had the entire league holding their breath. And in the end, the LeBron era in Miami was defined by pictures of DWade and King James showing us the chemistry that any team would jealous of.

But what if it didn't end so early? What if LeBron James re-signed with the Heat that summer, and made Miami his home for the rest of his career?

Well, it would change the entire face of NBA basketball.

For one, Cleveland would likely continue its path of irrelevancy if had displayed without LeBron James. Kyrie Irving would be the lone star on a weak roster. And Kevin Love? He'd be playing out the final days of his contract in Minnesota.

Chris Bosh, unfortunately, would still have to deal with the blood clots (because injuries don't care about who you play with) that have sidelined his career the last couple seasons. It sucks, but LeBron and Wade would probably be alone for quite some time before they get a chance to play with Bosh again.

With Bosh out of the picture, could the Heat possibly maintain their dominance? Well, probably not right away. They would likely struggle to find consistency for a while until they got used to life without Bosh.

But with the rise of Hassan Whiteside, it would be enough to keep the team afloat. Golden State, however, would still rule the West. They'd still go on to win a championship in 2015 (probably), and Steph Curry would still win the MVP. But Miami would be ready for them the following season, and the Warriors would soon realize that the King and his Heat team would be ready to take the NBA back into their hands.


The trio of LeBron, Wade and Whiteside would undoubtedly be a formidable force in the NBA. Cleveland would be scraping the bottom of the standings, while the Heat would once again be at the top of the world. It's hard to say who would win NBA finals between the 73 win Warriors and the new-look Heat. But if the Cavs did it... why couldn't the Heat?

With the attention on Miami and less on Golden State, LeBron would have a better shot at MVP, possibly leaving Curry with only one.

So in that world, LeBron and the Heat would be reigning like we haven't seen since Jordan's Bulls. Miami would likely be lined with the smiling faces of Heat fans everywhere.

In that world, Curry and the Warriors would be a strong force in the league, but they would evidently succumb to the power of a Heat team with two best friends and a newly found star to pair with them.

In that world, Kyrie and Kevin Love are ringless... and seeking a way out.

But in this world? THE REAL world? Miami is left without a superstar, vying for relevance. The Warriors are the face of the NBA and the dominance of the league. LeBron has a ring with his new "Big Three" in Love and Irving, while Wade is spending his last days in Chicago.

So it's fair to say that things would be... different, whether for better or worse. The entire balance of power would shift, whether anything I just said was wrong or right.

Just goes to show how one man can change the scope of NBA life forever...


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