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Where is the best destination for Kevin Love?


Kevin Love expected to “look around” this summer, including Celtics, Lakers, and Rockets.

He is injured right now, and Cleveland are playing better without him, so it will be very interesting to see where he would like to go after this season.

What you think, where is "the best fit" for a player like Kevin Love?

He can spread the floor and shoot 3 points, and he can make a lot of rebounds, but what about defense?

However, Tristan Thompson exceeded our expectations in the NBA Playoffs. He doesn't demand the ball in the offense, and he is scoring after pick n roll or after offensive rebounds. And he is a better fit than Kevin Love. The question is if Cleveland still wants Kevin Love?

This morning on @TheHerd, @ESPN_Colin said he talked to his 2 best NBA sources about rumors surrounding Kevin Love leaving CLE. Response: "There is a real feeling even amongst LeBron & others they don't know what he's (Kevin Love) going to do."

Obviously, Kevin Love wants to be the first name in the roster. LeBron is dominant in the Cavs, and Love is under the shadows of his wings.

“I think he’s going to look around,” Wojnarowski said. “I think he’s going to look closely at Boston. I think he’ll look at LA. I’m sure the Texas teams are going to try and get involved." 

We have Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers. What you think, where is the best destination for Kevin Love?

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