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Will Allen Iverson Become The New Cavaliers Assistant Coach?

Allen Iverson Assistant Coach

Allen Iverson is having one hell of a couple of days. Just recently he’s been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and now he has received an invitation to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Tyronn Lue has given Allen Iverson the ultimate green light to seek him out should he want a coaching position. If Iverson accepts a player development role with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it is a shot he can’t pass up.

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue was questioned about his association with Allen Iverson. This may amaze some NBA fans, considering the criticism Lue endured after Iverson notoriously stepped over him after an unforgettable crossover and jumper against Lue. Be that as it may, Iverson and Lue have had a positive relationship from that point forward. This is apparent even in Iverson's Hall of Fame discourse when he discussed Lue and said that point guards make the best NBA coaches. Despite the fact that Iverson as of late expressed he wouldn't be a head coach, the possibility of Iverson as an assistant coach ought to be considered a real one.

As a coach, Iverson could help guide these two young point guards towards being world-class scorers at their position, like he was himself. In his 15-year career, Iverson was a four-time scoring champion. While Irving and Felder are offensive savants and born scorers there are discernible imperfections to their style of play. Iverson, with his abilities as a mid-range scorer, will be able to offer guidance to Irving and Felder.

In any case, where Iverson could truly help Irving and Felder is on defense. Despite the fact that he remained at 6 ft. and weighed 165 lbs., Iverson was a standout amongst the most stubborn man-to-man defenses in the NBA. Due to his coaching under John Thompson Jr., playing covering and the forceful defense was a part of Iverson’s DNA.

In spite of the fact that Irving isn't an athletic point guard, he's been dealing with his molding and can commit more vigor to that end of the court. He'll keep practicing in order to be a standout amongst the best guards in the NBA as he hopes to separate himself from the rest. Felder, however, 5'9, is exceptionally athletic and totally fit for applying the fundamental energy to play physical, tight, man-to-man defense on the opposite ball-handler. Playing defense at that high of a level is the thing that will help him most.

With no coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers under contract, but Tyronn Lue and Larry Drew, who Lue wants to be assistant head coach, however, there is some imperviousness to the thought, there is a real open door for Iverson to mentor with the Cavaliers. Though Iverson has said he doesn’t want to coach in a statement that was made two years ago, Iverson could enjoy coaching in a limited role. He could truly help individuals who need guidance and support as well as coaching on their point guard abilities. The door for Iverson to contribute to a team as a player has been closed for years, however, now a door is open for him to contribute as a coach.