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Will Chris Paul ever make it out of the 2nd round?



Chris Paul has been the model of consistency for point guards since he entered the league. He is an old-school mixture between Isiah's heart and Stockton's uncanny vision to see plays before they happen.

Paul has enjoyed great statistical success but has yet to make it out of the 2nd round of the playoffs. Placing the blame solely on the individual is ridiculous when so many factors go into winning in a team setting. The hole continues to get deeper for Paul at the point guard spot with the emergence of champions in Kyrie and Steph having a ring a piece. Most so-called experts had Westbrook surpassing Paul in the All-Nba 1st team where CP3 had to settle for 2nd. Even Damian Lillard has been lighting up the league with his competitive play. But it is Paul who remains the most efficient point guard in NBA history.

He has the highest PER for point guards All-Time. When it comes to Paul, fans tend to act as if making the conference finals is the "Holy Grail" of accomplishments for point guards. If that were true then (Mark Price, Tim Hardaway, Kenny Anderson, and Kevin Johnson would all be surefire HOFers by now. They've all had long careers and made it to the conf. finals at least once. The fact is, even if he made the Conference Finals it still wouldn't be enough... (example) Steve Nash made it to the Conference Finals four times only to be criticized for never making the Finals. Even if he made it to the finals they would still find all kind of ways to hate... (Barkley, Reggie, Iverson, Ewing).

Elgin Baylor made it to the NBA finals 8 times during his career during his career and never won a ring. Is he not considered a winner? Even after you win "RINGS" somehow they still find a way to not respect it. Bob Mcadoo won 2 rings, a season MVP, and 3 scoring titles only to be left off of the 50 Greatest Players in 1997. Even (Dennis Johnson) who won 3 rings and Finals MVP didn't make it to the Hall until 3 years after he died and 20 years after he retired.

There are over 5600 players that have circulated through the league in NBA history. There are 506 players that have won at least one championship ring. Only 115 NBA players have been inducted into the basketball hall of fame out of 5600. There are currently 35 first ballot HOFs in the history of NBA. Chris Paul will be a 1st ballot HOFer with or without a conference finals appearance.

He's 3rd All-Time in 20 PTS - 10 AST games. He's 3rd All-Time in career APG. He's 5th All-Time in win shares among point guards. He's 1 of 3 point guards (Lenny Wilkens, Jason Kidd) in NBA history to come in 2nd in MVP voting and never actually win the award. He's 1 of 2 point guards (Walt Frazier) to earn 4 All-NBA 1st teams to go along with 5 All-Defensive 1st teams.

He has the most steals titles (6) in NBA history. He has the most Player of the Month awards for a PG with (7). He's 3rd All-Time in POW awards for PGs. He has the highest assist to turnover ratio in NBA history. He led the league in assists 3 times. 1 of 4 players to have a top 6 All-Time PER in the regular season and the playoffs along with (Michael Jordan, Lebron James, S. Oneal).

Chris Paul is 1 of 5 point guards to accumulate 14000 points, 7500 assists, and 1775 steals. He's the only player to have the ROY award with an assist and steals title. He's 1 of 5 NBA point guards to have earned two Olympic Gold medals. He's 1 of 7 PGs to be selected to 9 consecutive All-Star games. He's 1st All-Time in APG in All-Stars Games history. He's 1 of 6 point PGs that have a 99-100 percent HOF probability amongst all players per basketball reference.

Making the Hall of Fame is at the top of the career ladder. Being a first-ballot Hall of Famer is a much more rare achievement than any 3rd round, finals appearance or championship ever could be. I just hope that he eventually makes it to the finals so we focus more on his accomplishments rather than his post-season short-comings.