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Wilt Chamberlain: Scoring Breakdown (The Most Dominant Scorer In NBA History)

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Wilt Chamberlain is the most unstoppable scorer in NBA history and it's not even close. We've talked about Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant. None of them wanted to go toe-to-toe with Wilt 'The Stilt' on a race for the Scoring title.

Chamberlain was so dominant that the league had to change several rules to prevent him from having an unfair advantage over his peers and rivals. Needless to say, that didn't work, at all.

Wilt has a strong case for being the most athletic player ever. He enjoyed jumping over rooftops just because he could do it, he pursued a career in volleyball after retiring from the NBA and made it to volleyball's Hall of Fame. Hell, even the Nets tried to bring him back from retirement at 50 years old in 1986.

Up to this day, Chamberlain holds more 72 records (68 by himself) in the history of the game. Most of them are never going to be matched, even with the way the rules favor scorers nowadays.

The legendary big man holds the records for (among many others)

  • More points per game in a season (50.4) and the for highest-scoring seasons in NBA history
  • More points in one season (4,029)
  • Most 50-point games in one season (52)
  • Most consecutive 60-point games (4)
  • Most consecutive games leading all players in scoring (40)
  • Most points per game as a rookie (37.6)
  • Most points by a rookie in a season (2,707)
  • Most points by a rookie in a game (58)
  • Most points scored by a player in his first NBA game (43)
  • Fewest games played to reach 15,000; 20,000; 25,000; 30,000 career points
  • Most field goals made in a season (1,597)
  • Most seasons leading the NBA in free throw attempts (9)
  • Most field goals in a seven-series game (113)

Chamberlain played 1,045 games throughout his career. Among those, he had 557 30+ points per game, which is more than half of them. He had 284 games scoring 40+, 122 games scoring 50+, 32 games scoring 60+, and 5 games of 70+ points.

If that wasn't enough, Wilt The Stilt has the second-highest points-per-game average (30.07 PPG) and holds the record for the highest-scoring performance in NBA history with a 100-point game vs. the New York Knicks (the second-highest was 81 by Kobe Bryant). To put it into context, his legendary 100-point game made him hold the record for:

- Most points scored in a half (59)

- Most Free Throws Made in a Game (28)

- Most field goals Attempted in a Quarter (21 in the 4th quarter)

- Most field goals Attempted in a Half (37)

- Most field goals Made in a Half (22 in the 2nd half)

- Most field goals attempted in a game (63)

- Most field goals made in a game (36)

Simply the most dominant scorer to ever live.


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