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Zach LaVine Is The Best Chicago Bulls Shooting Guard Since Michael Jordan

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Zach LaVine Is The Best Chicago Bulls Shooting Guard Since Michael Jordan

Zach LaVine hasn't made an All-Star team yet, and that is extremely unfortunate. Zach LaVine has consistently been carrying the Bulls on the offensive end, even with some awful coaching last season. LaVine has been consistently good and has bounced back well from his ACL injury. LaVine is clearly an All-Star caliber guard who can light up the opposing team all by himself. However, with the Bulls eternally being mediocre, LaVine hasn't gotten the recognition he deserves.

Zach LaVine is somebody who can be the main option on offense, but he needs some help to succeed. The Bulls look better under Billy Donovan, but LaVine doesn't get enough love due to the Bulls not being able to win. There are plenty of trade rumors surrounding LaVine, but the Bulls shouldn't trade him. Zach LaVine is the best Chicago Bulls shooting guard since Michael Jordan, and he's showing that he is an elite offensive player.

Zach LaVine Is A Complete Scorer

Zach LaVine is one of the premier scorers in the NBA. LaVine has no flaws to his scoring: he has the range to fire from deep, and he can also bring the ball inside for a dunk. LaVine has started the 2020-21 season with an absolute tear on the offensive end: his shot creation has always been elite. LaVine is currently averaging 27.7 PPG, and if he were on a good team, he would be in the MVP conversation. LaVine will continue to develop, and it is possible that one day we will see Zach LaVine lead the league in scoring. There are certainly promising signs.

Zach LaVine is capable of putting up consistent scoring nights like these due to his hot shooting from beyond the arc. LaVine provides elite shooting on high volume from 3PT range. He shoots 37.1% from outside, on 8.8 attempts per game. This type of scoring from outside is reminiscent of players like Klay Thompson and James Harden. In Klay Thompson's last healthy season, he shot 40.2% from 3PT range, while shooting 7.7 attempts a game. Harden is currently shooting 36.4% from 3PT range on 9.4 attempts. Zach LaVine has comparable numbers to the two, taking fewer attempts than Harden, but being slightly more accurate from the arc. His creation on the perimeter has been an essential part of his scoring package.

Gilbert Arenas mentions that Zach LaVine was "going unnoticed, but really doing damage". LaVine has increased his PPG every year during his time with the Chicago Bulls, but most people don't care about that since the Bulls haven't made the playoffs. LaVine's top-5 in PPG currently, but he has flown under the radar. Arenas' co-host also mentions that LaVine was mostly known as a dunker: he won the Dunk Contest in 2015 and 2016, so perhaps that was part of his reputation: people may have looked over him as they only saw an athlete, but not an all-around player. LaVine has developed himself into a complete scorer and harnessed his athleticism.

Zach LaVine Could Bring The Bulls To The Postseason

The Bulls have a solid chance at the postseason. To get his recognition among the eyes of NBA fans, Zach LaVine must bring the Bulls to the playoffs. If LaVine were to just make the playoffs this season, then the accolades would come as well: All-Star and All-NBA are usually selected from players on winning teams. The Chicago Bulls are currently 4-7, but there has been a lot of promise in their losses. During their most recent loss against the elite Los Angeles Clippers, they only lost by one possession.

With LaVine showing his playmaking ability and getting 7 assists, one has to wonder if he can do that on a consistent basis. The best players in the league are players like Stephen Curry or LeBron James. They can score while also creating for their teammates due to the gravity of their scoring. If LaVine develops his playmaking, that could lead to an offense that flows better and gets everyone involved. We all know that LaVine can score, but if he can develop the other facets of his game, that could lead to more team success.

While LaVine hasn't yet shown himself as a player to lift a team up to the playoffs by himself like LeBron James, his scoring is a valuable asset for any team that looks to compete. If the Bulls were to make a trade for a consistent point guard who can run the offense, then LaVine could be left to his strengths: shot creation and late-game situations. The Bulls look better than they did under Jim Boylen, and Billy Donovan has shown that he does well with multiple playmakers in OKC. An elite passer could unlock the Bulls' offense, and in turn, let LaVine have a career season.

Zach LaVine Is An Underrated Superstar

Zach LaVine is a superstar, albeit an underrated one. He has developed himself as a volume scorer, but a team needs more than that to succeed on the big stage. LaVine's playmaking is a work in progress, and if he were to harness that aspect of his game, he could be a superstar that could rival somebody like James Harden. What separates somebody like James Harden from Zach LaVine is his ability to bring a team to the postseason. Harden has consistently made the playoffs in the last few years, while LaVine is still looking for his first postseason appearance.

Zach LaVine can elevate a team and get wins by himself: but he can't win every game alone. LaVine needs somebody to help him as his second option. Jordan didn't win without Pippen, and vice versa. LaVine cannot do everything by himself: that means players like Coby White and Lauri Markkanen have to chip in. LaVine can be the main scorer on a championship team: but if the Bulls don't put talent around him, then he could easily leave in the future. If Zach LaVine and the Bulls can make the playoffs, then LaVine's status as a superstar will be recognized by everyone in the NBA.


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