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Zion Williamson Is The Real Genetic Freak

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Zion Williamson is a freak of nature. There's no doubt about that, we've known that since he went viral for dunking on significantly smaller kids during his AAU days.

He then took his talents to the NCAA and he kept on dominating his opposition and now that he's playing against grown men in the NBA, he's scoring as easily.

There's no denying that Zion's physical gifts aren't found often. Hell, we may have never seen a player so heavy and bulked able of taking off the way he does.

As a matter of fact, if we compare him by weight and vertical leap with some current and former NBA players, we get a bigger context of how Williamson is the ultimate freak of nature.

Zion is the second-heaviest player in the league at 284 pounds, trailing just Boban Marjanovic (290 pounds) (although Bill Simmons reported he's actually over 300 pounds).

That's heavier than players like Nikola Jokic (284 pounds), Brook Lopez (282 pounds), Joel Embiid (280 pounds), and Andre Drummond (279 pounds).

Moreover, Giannis reportedly has a 45'' vertical leap, which would only trail players like Wilt Chamberlain (48'' vertical), Michael Jordan (46'' vertical), and Zach LaVine (46'' vertical).

To put it in context, Zion's vertical is higher than LeBron James' (44'' vertical) and Vince Carter's (43'' vertical), which are also significantly lighter than him.

There are some growing concerns about Zion's durability in the league because of the impact his knees, back and ankles have to put up every time he takes off.

Hopefully, he'll continue to work on his craft and the way he lands and walks, as a player like this comes once in a lifetime. Hell, we might never even see a physical specimen like him that's also such a talented hooper.

Thus far, he's averaged 24.0 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game on 58% from the floor, and he's just getting started.


Also, he's averaging the most points per game in the paint as a rookie since the 1996-97 season (when the league started tracking this stat), with 17.6 points a night. People know he's going to drive and dominate below the rim, but they just can't do anything to stop him.


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