Colin Cowherd Rips Media For How They Handle Tom Brady

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The Patriots, much like the Warriors, are probably one of the most hated teams in the NFL. Whether it's because of their sketchy history, their almost unfair dominance, or the sheer confidence and swagger they display on the field, the world routinely roots against the Pats.

So when they made the Super Bowl yet again on Sunday night, Brady and the Pats were receiving a lot of hate. Fox Sports personality Colin Cowherd wants no part.

In a public rant to his audience, the analyst went all-in on the media and fans for their treatment of Brady and the Pats success this season, and their failure to cover the laser that apparently flashed Brady in the face.

"Can you imagine the media coverage if this happened to Patrick Mahomes in Foxborough? It's literally not being covered, proving the bias against New England."

He makes a fair point. The laser was blasted towards Brady as a clear attempt to distract/blind him, and nobody knows about it. Would that still be the case if it were anybody else?

It seems the Pats hate has reached new heights this season. And now that they have reached the Super Bowl, it will only increase from here.