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Eagles Players Turn On Carson Wentz, Call Him Selfish And "Uncompromising"

Credit: Sportingnews

Credit: Sportingnews

Earlier this week an article by Philly's Voice’s Joseph Santoliquito triggered a controversy, according to his sources inside the Eagle’s locker room, their starting quarterback Carson Wentz is perceived as “Selfish”, “Playing favorites” and“Uncompromising."

This comes after the third year quarterback struggled during the season to replicate the success that brought his team a Super Bowl ring the year before. When the team was getting close to the point of no return with a record of 6-7, he went down with a back injury causing him to lose the rest of the season.

At that point Nick Foles came into the fold and reignited the fire on the team, leading them to the NFL divisional round where they fell to the New Orleans Saints 20-14.

According to the report, multiple Eagles players complained that Wentz was not receptive to feedback from other veteran players and was too focused on throwing the ball to Zach Ertz,
when Foles started playing the ball was considerably more distributed, which some might correlate with the success the team had at the end of the season.

Here are some reactions from other Eagles players when the news cycled picked up the controversy.

First a tweet from Malcolm Jenkins, one of the players accused of being one of the anonymous sources.

On this clip from First Take both Zach Ertz and Eagle's legend Brian Westbrook stand up for the QB1 of the Eagles.

Whatever happens, going forward, it's clear the Eagles have some Quarterback problems to take care of. No matter which side you hold to, it's getting more and more evident that Philadelphia is just not big enough for the two of them.