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Savage: Marshawn Lynch Confirms He Lit A Blunt With The Al David Memorial Flame


Marshawn Lynch was always a special dude. And what do special dudes typically do in special moments? Celebrate.

And while that might look different for everyone, Beast Mode has a particularly "lit" type of celebration. During the Raiders' final game at the Oakland Collesium, the star running back appeared to light a blunt using the Al David Memorial Flame, and it caught a lot of attention at the time.

Of course, nobody could confirm what it was... even though most thought it was obvious.

Anyways, as it turns out, it was a blunt after all, as Lynch admitted in an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Now that he confirmed his action, the league will almost surely come down with a punishment. But it won't be the first for him, as he's been hit with several penalties throughout his career.

Though the Raiders have seen better days, the antics of Marshawn Lynch will forever delight the city of Oakland and the rest of the NFL community for that matter. To light a blunt at that moment, and with thousands of people watching, takes some serious fearlessness. Then again, Lynch has never been known as a fearful man, to begin with.

Never change, Beast Mode, never change.