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Corrections Policy

Here at Fadeaway World, we pride ourselves on our authenticity and journalistic integrity. Our goal is to ensure that the information is accurate and verified to the best of our abilities as journalists and editors. In the event that a mistake is made, we understand how important it is to gather the correct information and correct the error immediately. We value the input of our readers as well and encourage them to point out any inaccurate information that they may have picked up on while enjoying our content.

In order to provide the best content for our readers, we must be able to hold ourselves accountable for mistakes that are made. As soon as a mistake is brought to our attention, either by readers or staff, our job is to correct the information promptly for the best possible reading experience.

Here is what transpires when a mistake is brought to our attention.

- First and foremost, we gather the correct information and fix the mistake promptly and reveal where the corrections were made if necessary.

- When the mistakes are corrected, we will ensure the delivery of quality content by rewriting all of the language associated with that mistake.

- The process above will be repeated for any corrections that need to be made to our social media content.

- If there are errors that change the entire delivery of an article, the piece will be rewritten and republished immediately to fit the correct information after an investigation by our editorial team.

- In the case that a reader reports to us that information is inaccurate, an investigation will be done, and if necessary, the article will be rewritten but only in the extreme case of inaccuracy.

- If a piece contains information that can change over time, our editor and staff will ask the respective writer to go back and update the correct information to ensure the highest quality and most accurate content.

- If content that we have embedded in our work has been removed, such as YouTube videos, we will replace the respective content promptly.

-If we are made aware of a copyright infringement on any video or images used in our articles, we will immediately remove that content and replace it accordingly.