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Editorial Guidelines

Fadeaway World is dedicated to bringing our readers the most accurate, concise, and level-minded content possible. We aim to engage our readers and take comfort in knowing that they are consuming accurate and engaging content. In order to deliver this type of content, it must go through a strict editorial process. That process is as follows:

- Ideas are pitched and approved by the content writers and editors before any work begins.

- Once a piece is written, it is up to the writer to be the first editor on the piece as well and fix any mistakes that may be present.

- Once the writer has turned in his work, it is then put in front of a team of editors and staff who will fact-check all information.

- Once the fact check is complete, all sources of the information provided are cited and credited for their contributions.

- Finally, the piece will be approved by our staff and deemed ready for publication. A graphic design from our team will then be attached as the content’s main image and published according to the schedule.

*Now that the process is laid out for our consumers, the standards we set for all of our writers and editors are as follows:

- All content will be unbiased. Regardless of personal beliefs and favorites, one may have, none of that will shine through our content. We pride ourselves on being down the middle when it comes to our basketball coverage.

- All content is fact-checked repeatedly before being released to the public as set by the standards in our Corrections Policy.

- All sources shall be credited for research provided to our content as stated in our Fact-Checking Policy.

- No content shall contain bias when it comes to politics, race, religion, or any other beliefs that do not pertain to basketball.

- No violence or hate speech shall be glorified through our content.

- Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated and could result in immediate termination of employment.

The guidelines and standards we have put in place for our team are to be followed with strict adherence. This is not only to make sure our work is impeccable but that the reader’s experience is immaculate and without issue as well. We hope to hear from our readers soon, and thank you for choosing Fadeaway World for your basketball news and pleasure.