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Editorial Team

Here at Fadeaway World, we believe in the highest level of sports journalism. We want to be transparent with our readers, and we commit to delivering the best quality we can.

First, we want to say thank you to all basketball fans who are reading our site. We really appreciate that. Through the years, we have received many emails of support from basketball fans to keep up with the way we are doing right now. We are thankful for that kind of support. 

Of course, we also have received emails from basketball fans who wanted us to improve in specific fields. That feedback was very valuable and important for us because we work hard and want to show our passion for the game of basketball.

We are not perfect, even though we are trying to be the best versions of ourselves. If we can describe our work through 3-pointers, sometimes we shoot 7-10 three-pointers, sometimes we shoot 1-10, but there are days when we shoot 10-10 from downtown.

We want to be honest and deliver the best content about the NBA and about basketball around the world.

Fadeaway World believes in freedom of expression, and we encourage our team to ask tough questions and take a stance on certain issues while occasionally sharing their own opinions on certain related topics.

Together, the Fadeaway World team hopes to bring an educational and thoughtful perspective on the NBA to our worldwide audience of dedicated fans.

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