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Ethics Policy

When it comes to the world of sports journalism, Fadeaway World is devoted to bringing its readers the highest quality of content. In order to do so, we pride ourselves on content that is free from bias, political affiliations, and misinformation campaigns. In every area of our content, we strive to set the highest standards that we possibly can. 

The temperature of social media and its landscape is always changing. Therefore, it is our duty to change right along with it and adapt and evolve as time goes on. Our Code Of Ethics is constantly changing and making the appropriate changes as they arise in our sports media environment.

Fadeaway World’s Code Of Ethics

- All of Fadeaway World’s writers and editors shall remain neutral on the topics of government and political affiliation.

- Violent acts and hate speech are completely intolerable. No explicit or violent language shall be used in any of our content.

- Every writer and editor must have the skills to ensure the highest quality of content. This includes writing, citing sources, fact-checking, and proper image/video usage.

- Any information deemed confidential shall not be shared by Fadeaway World’s employees to any person or entity outside of the company.

- Our employees must behave in a respectable manner when representing Fadeaway World and when they are not on company time as well. This includes their online presence on social media websites and apps.


- All content is to be 100% accurate and fact-checked extensively by our team of editors before publishing for public viewing.


- Any information used in articles or quotes taken from other pieces of work shall be credited. Failure to do so could result in termination of employment.

Conflict Of Interest

- No content shall be published or used for any purpose if our writers stand to benefit financially or personally from it outside of their wages at Fadeaway World.

- We do not accept gifts or services from any person or entity in order to receive preferential treatment. Any content that presents a conflict of interest is strictly prohibited from our site.

Social Media

- When an employee accepts a position with Fadeaway World, they are now a representative of the company. As a representative of Fadeaway World, employees are expected to use their best judgment when using social media and keep professional opinions separate from personal opinions.