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Fact-Checking Policy

At Fadeaway World, we have a widely-accepted set of Editorial Guidelines that we strictly adhere to every time we produce a piece of content. These guidelines were created so that Fadeaway World can deliver the most accurate, truthful, and unbiased content possible. 

Fadeaway World uses the most respected and universally accepted sources for information from the realm of basketball to verify all information used within our content. Before any work is published for public viewing, it undergoes a strict editorial process, and all information is verified using the aforementioned sources.

The policies we have laid out for our writing staff ensure that our content will be trustworthy and verifiable. This allows the content to remain relevant and last for years to come. Our goal is to provide the most unbiased and authentic work we can. In order to do so, we have an editorial staff that is consistently fact-checking and verifying the information used in every piece of content before it is released to the public.

We understand that publishing correct and authentic information is of the highest importance when it comes to journalism. For this, Fadeaway World has implemented a rigorous process for all information to go through before it is released. That process authenticates all information used in the article, cites all sources used to obtain that information, and credits those sources accordingly.

Fadeaway World’s Fact-Checking And Editing Approach

At Fadeaway World, the production of content starts and ends with our editors. The editors start the creative process with our writers and make sure that all content is original, knowledgeable, and able to be consumed by the modern-day basketball fan.

Our content aims to enlighten and provide knowledge to the reader. Our goal is to make sure the reader does not waste their time on our content. Our standards ensure that this is the case with every piece of content that is produced.

The Process For Writing And Publishing Articles

All ideas are suggested to the editor by the writer and vice versa. The topics selected for production will be carefully scoured before the writing process even begins. Once an article is submitted, it is then finely reviewed by our editorial team and given back to the writer for correction if need be. Otherwise, once it is approved, the article is published by the editorial team promptly.

Editors also take the time to confirm that:

- All sources are cited and credited correctly.

- The content does not violate or break any law.

- No plagiarism has occurred and the content is original work.

- The articles are using language and value that is up to the standards we have set as a company.

- That no clickbait headlines and out-of-context language are used to promote the article.

Credits And Citations

Citations are verifiable information with links to the original source of the information that is substantially referred to in the article. Sources that should be cited include:

- Any references to a historical event.

- Any third-party material that the article uses extensively in their research.

- Any sources that are used to prove the main points of the article.

- Sources that are non-opinion based and prove that any information provided is factual.

- Social media sources and news sources that are used to create content.

- Any statistical data used in the article must have verifiable courses attached to it.

*Only news sources that are verified on social media or on Fadeaway World’s list of approved websites will be approved for citation*

- Only informational material from news sources will be used. No opinionated content will be referred to in our content.

- All sources must be reliable and universally accepted by the masses in order to be used in our content.

- If videos or media images are used, they are from strictly verified sources and reliable outlets.

Fadeaway World’s Fact-Checking Standards

The fact-checking standards we use here at Fadeaway World are the standards accepted across the world by nearly every major news and media outlet. The standards that we operate by here at Fadeaway World are as follows:

- Regardless of the source, a question about any of our information or sources being correct will be dealt with as seriously as if it came from our staff.

- We do not declare any political affiliation with any political party from any location across the world.

- Unless the identification would jeopardize one’s security, all sources that we use in our fact-checking processes are revealed and open to view from the public.

- Any sponsored content on our page is identified as such to ensure our readers know what is sponsored and what is placed strategically.

- Any mistakes made in spelling or accuracy will be fixed accordingly as referred to in our Corrections Policy.