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17 Interesting Facts Of 2018/19 Champions League Quarter-Finals

17 Interesting Facts Of 2018/19 Champions League Quarter-Finals

The UEFA Champions League quarter-finals are around the corner with some promising matchups that will confirm why this is the best club tournament in the world. The prior stage left us with many things to remember and this phase doesn’t seem to be any different. Perhaps many teams look favorite on the paper, but as we already saw, favoritism means nothing in the Champions.

There are a lot of stats to mention for the upcoming round of the competition, things that can tell you how certain teams might end up in this stage or the next to come. This competition has a lot of stories and things to tell and quarter-finals have created some of the most famous.

If you’re wondering what kind of things might happen during these matches or what records can be broken this season, these are 16 interesting facts for the 2018/19 Champions League last eight.

1. The biggest European Cup quarter-final win took place in 1957/58 when Real Madrid demolished Sevilla by an 8-0 first-leg defeat.

2. As for a Champions League quarter-final match, the biggest victory was Manchester United's 7-1 win against Roma in 2006/07.

3. There are as many English teams in the quarter-finals of this season's UCL as it had in the previous four campaigns combined (four).

4. Back in 2017-18, a record five clubs from England got into the 2017/18 knockout phase. This time they did something similar, as England have four teams in UCL quarter-finals for the first time since the 2008/09; that season the final was played by Manchester United and Barcelona, while Arsenal and Chelsea got relegated in semis.

5. Chelsea and Liverpool scored a total 12 goals on the two legs in 2008/09 season, setting a quarter-final record.

6. This season we have a matchup between teams from the same country in Tottenham-Manchester City. Albeit this is one of the hardest-fought clashes, some fans won’t be happy knowing none of the last 11 teams to win a quarter-final tie against a team from the same country was never able to lift the trophy that term; the last case was Liverpool last season, who curiously trashed the Citizens on his way to the final.

7. The last time two English sides faced each other in this round, was the mentioned Liverpool-Manchester City showdown who saw Liverpool win on a 5-1 aggregate.

8. This is the third time Manchester City manages to land on quarter-finals in history. They eliminated Paris Saint-Germain in 2015-16 and, as we stated above, they got eliminated by Liverpool last season at this very stage.

9. Teams have overcome a first-leg deficit in 46 times, with Porto and Juventus adding their names to the list in the 2018/19 round of 16. Plus, before this season, only two teams had been able to succeed following a home first-leg defeat, with Ajax doing the unthinkable against Real Madrid while Manchester United did the same -in a more dramatic way- against Paris Saint-Germain in the last stage.

10. This is the first time in almost 10 years that Spain counts with only one representative in the Champions League quarter-finals (2009/10).

11. With his participation this year, Barcelona made its 12th consecutive quarter-final. Barça and Bayern have both reached 17 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, one more than Real Madrid. Last time the Blaugrana didn’t reach this stage was in the 2006/07 campaign.

12. Speaking of Bayern, the team’s absence this season marked the first time without any German side in the Champions League quarter-finals since 2005/06.

13. Ajax is the first Dutch squad to play the Champions League quarter-finals after PSV Eindhoven did so back 2006/07. The Lancers didn't make it to this stage since the 2002/03 season and they have had a great comeback.

14. Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola has made it to the Champions League quarter-finals in nine of his 10 campaigns as manager, only missing the round in the 2016/17 season.

15, Tottenham have qualified for the quarter-finals of the European Cup/Champions League for the third time in the club's history; the last time they did so was back in 2010/11 when Real Madrid dominated them in both legs.

16. Only two teams in this round haven’t won this competition yet, Tottenham and Manchester City. In combination, the other six teams have racked up 24 European Cups/Champions League titles.

17. Ajax-Juventus and Manchester United-Barcelona are two matchups with plenty of history, especially considering we have seen these two clashes in finals more than once, sharing a record with other showdowns, such as Real Madrid-Liverpool or Benfica-Milan, among others.

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