5 Worst Barcelona Signings In Recent Years

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5 Worst Barcelona Signings In Recent Years

FC Barcelona has seen how its signings have improved in recent years, perhaps since they became a team that everybody wants to see or be part of. Back in the day, they weren’t used to spend as much money as their archrivals, Real Madrid, but ever since the beginning of the decade, Barcelona has learned that they have the prestige, the brand and the money to buy anybody they want to have in its ranks.

Players like Neymar Jr. and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have been part of the Blaugrana at some point of their career and you can tell by that that this club can have almost any player they want.

However, just like the Brazilian and the Swedish star, not every player that lands in Barcelona end up being important for the team, as they have had some big fiascos in recent years. Maybe neither Zlatan nor Neymar had the best time in Camp Nou, but that was a good tenure compare to what other players had to deal with.

Barcelona can sign a lot and very often, but that doesn’t mean every player they buy has become an important agent in the squad. There are plenty of examples of that but this time we’re going to take a look at the 5 worst signings Barcelona has made in recent years.


henrique adriano buss barcelona

Henrique Adriano Buss, simply known as “Henrique”, is without any hesitation one of the worst signings Barcelona has made not only in recent times but its entire history. This Brazilian center-back was acquired by the Catalonians in 2008 after good performances with Palmeiras, making the big jump to Europe.

He was immediately loaned to German side Bayer Leverkusen as soon as his transfer to Barcelona was completed. The rest of his time being a player of Barca was exactly like that; Henrique didn’t play a single official game with the club and was given on loan every season he was part of Barcelona.


Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Keirrison looked like a very promising player when Barcelona brought him to Catalonia, following a couple of good seasons in Desportivo Brasil and Palmeira, being considered one of the best Brazilians prospects at the time. That’s when the Spanish giants turned their eyes to him and decided to buy him for €14 million.

He landed in Spain as a player to have in consideration after his good performances in his country, but none of that happened. Less than a week after Keirrison signed with Barcelona, he was loaned to Benfica, then six months later he was loaned to Fiorentina and when he was in Italy the club prematurely ended his contract, leaving the youngster without a place to go or play.

Ever since that his career went downhill, as he played in worse and worse teams since he left Barcelona –without playing a single game there. Right now he plays for Brazilian Serie B side Londrina.

Dmitro Chigrinskiy 

Dmitro Chigrinskiy

This case was really odd at the time it happened and if you don’t know of it, it has to be odd if you just found out about it, too. Back in 2009, Barcelona and Ukrainian team, Shakhtar Donetsk were playing the UEFA Super Cup, where both Barcelona and Dmitro Chigrinskiy, as Pep Guardiola absolutely fell for Chigrinskiy and did everything he could in order to get his desired defender.

Well, this ended as a complete fiasco for the Blaugrana; Dmitro couldn’t play the Champions League with Barca given the fact that he played the preliminary rounds with Shakhtar. He was unable to meet the demands of his position in Barcelona and the club –not Pep- didn’t have more choice than sell Chigrinskiy back to his former team, taking €10 million less than the price they initially paid for him (€25 million).

Alex Song

Alex Song

Song was one of the best players in Arsenal at the beginning of the decade, enchanting everybody with his performances, especially Barcelona. Teams were back and forth about Song’s future, but Barcelona eventually could get the polyvalent Cameroonian.

Unfortunately, Song never was able to adapt to Barcelona and his frequent injuries were a constant concern for the team until two seasons after his arrival, he was loaned to West Ham United.

He was very close to being cut by the Hammers due to his muscular issues and after failing to recover his level in London, he rescinded his contract with Barcelona and went to play for Rubin Kazan, where things didn’t get any better for him. Right now he plays for Swiss side FC Sion.

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Douglas Pereira


It’s not a problem seeing a player win plenty of trophies with his team as he contributed to those awards, but when you don’t play at all and still get honored, that’s when things fall apart. That’s the case of Douglas Pereira, another Brazilian that Barcelona thought was going to be very helpful in the future, but instead has been another name in their loans list.

Douglas became the subject of several memes and jokes from Barcelona fans or rivals as he was always training with the team, hanging out with teammates but when calls were made, nobody could see the wing-back around. He was always so close to playing but Barcelona, but almost never did. With only three caps for the Spanish side, he’s spent his four-year tenure with Barcelona on loan; he currently plays for Turkish team Sivasspor, waiting to see what Barca has prepared for him.