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Alan Shearer Says Marcus Rashford Is Not A Natural Goal Scorer


Things aren't going well for Marcus Rashford right now. After breaking out as Manchester United's hope for the future, it looks like his development has stalled and there's a lot of pressure on his shoulders right now.

Rashford is a vastly talented player but has struggled to find the bottom of the nets lately. Hence, he's drawn some criticism from the media and even Michael Owen. Now, Alan Shearer has also jumped on board to talk about Rashford's struggles as England's number 9:

“Gareth Southgate’s assessment that Marcus Rashford is not a No. 9 is spot on. Even this season, when Manchester United’s main striker Romelu Lukaku left, boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer plays Anthony Martial down the middle. I get the feeling Marcus feels more confident coming in off the left where he does not have to play a lot with his back to goal," Shearer told The Sun.

The former Newcastle striker went on to laud Rashford's talents and ability to play at a high level despite his age, but still claimed he's not a natural goal scorer and Southgate should try to use him near the flanks:

“There is no denying he is an excellent talent but I don’t think he is a natural goalscorer. We sometimes forget he is only 21 so time is still on his side. But he is very different to Harry Kane, who is determined and ruthless," Shearer continued.

Gareth Southgate also had some words about Rashford following England's 4-0 triumph over Bulgaria, with Harry Kane scoring a hat-trick and Rashford looking quite uncomfortable for most of his minutes:

"For a long time we have almost wanted Marcus to be that option as a No .9, but I’m still not certain that is where he is happiest and where he does his best work. Marcus is still relatively young. Over the last 12 to 18 months with us, he’s had a big impact on our games with a number of goals and assists. So, I think he’s still a work in progress. A lot of his development at United was as a ‘wide raider’ and I think he isn’t as strong as Harry Kane with his back to goal holding play up. If he plays as a No. 9, he will play it differently to Harry, but a lot of his best work is on the left coming in off the line," Southgate told the media, as quoted by TalkSPORT.