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Alexis Sanchez: Improved Manchester United ‘The Same’ As Under Jose Mourinho

Alexis Sanchez: Improved Manchester United ‘The Same’ As Under Jose Mourinho

Despite their upturn in form, Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez claims the players are the same under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as they were under former manager Jose Mourinho.

Since Solskjaer took over the reigns from Mourinho last month, United have won seven games in a row in all competitions, including six straight in the Premier League.

It led to speculation that it was Mourinho who was the problem as there were reports of unrest in the dressing room, particularly with midfielder Paul Pogba, who is now thriving.

However, Sanchez believes the situation, at least with the players, is the same, except with some motivational words from the current manager that has helped with their recent results.

"The players are the same with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as they were with Mourinho. But now we are having more ­success in attack and we are defending better. The fact he has so much ­history with this club opens the way a lot when he speaks.

"His philosophy is to touch the ball a lot, to control the game and to score goals. You can tell that his position on the field as a player was as a forward, but he still wants us to take good care of our penalty area too.

"That's the way you get better results. The only thing the ­manager told us was that we could improve the situation ourselves. He said that everything ­depended on us and it was in our own hands to climb the table."

Sanchez has been dealing with injuries and was also dropped from the starting eleven this season, but could make a return to the side against his former club Arsenal in the FA Cup next week.

He added that the team is currently happier than they were before and are motivated to keep improving.

"In the end, results in football make the difference and so we are happier than we were before. It's not only on the pitch. In the stands, I see an even better atmosphere at Old Trafford. The fans trust us more and that's very positive for ­everyone. It helps you to keep on ­improving."