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Alexis Sanchez Slammed By Stunning TV Host For “Begging” To Sleep With Him

Alexis Sanchez Slammed By Stunning TV Host For “Begging” To Sleep With Him

Alexis Sanchez just can’t catch a break. The Chilean footballer was recently involved in a spat with teammate Mason Greenwood, which damaged his image, even more, with the Manchester United’s board.

Now, the Red Devils have found out about another story that hurts Sanchez and his public image. He was recently called out by gorgeous Chilean TV host Natalia Mandiola for approaching her, “begging” to not only come to his house, but to do some other things as well while the two were alone.

Per The Sun:

The £505,000-a-week forward got Mandiola’s telephone number from her friend in a nightclub, she says.

Mandiola, who worked for TVN in Chile, claims Sanchez, 30, called her immediately and asked if they could “get together the next day”.

She says Sanchez called and texted her on two separate occasions.

Mandiola said: “There was something I didn’t like and a side-stepped it: he invited me to his house. He was a stranger to me and I wasn’t going to go into his house.”

Texts between the pair continued, Mandiola says, and then a producer from TVN contacted her on Sanchez’s behalf.

She claims that the producer passed on a message from the former Arsenal man that “he wanted to get with” her.

He can’t score on the pitch, he can’t score in life. Alexis is just having one of the worst times of his career and life right now, but some could say he could avoid living those moments. He’s reportedly on his way out of United, with Roma being a possible destination for the 30-year-old.