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Angry Jurgen Klopp Slams Pitch Invaders During Liverpool's Win Vs. Chelsea


Liverpool's triumph over Chelsea for the UEFA Super Cup left a bittersweet taste on their mouths, as it came at a high price because of Adrian San Miguel's injury.

Some of Liverpool's supporters invaded the pitch to celebrate with the team and one of them wound up sliding on Adrian's ankle, and now their backup goalkeeper is set to miss this weekend's matchup vs. Southampton.

Moreover, pitch invaders made the most of the chaos and started partying on the field, streaking and running around and making Jurgen Klopp livid, as you can tell by his latest statements.

“You see a man with his d*ck swinging around. Who wants to see that?! What can I say? There is no doubt about how much we love our fans, but if they could all stop doing that because that’s the worst example I have heard about. It happened against City in the Community Shield when someone was running on the pitch and against Norwich, someone ran on the pitch. It’s not funny.

I like that we don't have fences in stadiums but that means a lot of responsibility for supporters as well. If one supporter cannot hesitate or stop himself, then supporters around him should do it. It’s not funny. It’s crazy. How can something like this happen?” an angry Klopp told the media, as quoted by Tribuna.

Adrian's injury is going to be a major blow for the Reds, that were already missing Alisson Becker due to a non-contact injury, and will now be forced to trust their third-string goalkeeper. Notably, Klopp addressed the situation and slammed the supporter that slid on Adrian's ankle:

“I don't understand why in the world of social media when we are all together, a supporter jumped over something and kicked (Adrian’s) ankle. It is swollen but we have to see," he concluded.

These kinds of things have caused nothing but trouble for everybody, and hopefully, the time will come when this dumb practice comes to an end.