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Antonio Conte Gives His Players Very Specific Instructions About Their Sex Life

Credit: Reuters

Credit: Reuters

Throughout the history of sports, there have been a lot of myths, lucky charms, and whatnot about what athletes can and cannot do if they want to win.

One of the most controversial things about this matter is the athlete's sex life, as several old-school coaches demanded their players not to have sex before a competition.

Luckily for Internazionale players, Antonio Conte isn't an old-school boss, and he's well aware of the fact that players won't stop having sex whenever they and their significant others feel like it.

Hence, the Italian boss gives his players a very specific set of instructions, so they avoid injury and exhaustion while having a good time in bed:

"I advise my players to have sex for short periods, with the minimum of effort and use positions where they are under their partners and preferably with their wives. Because then you don't have to be exceptional," Conte told L'Equipe.

Conte claimed he demands nothing but a strong commitment from his players and argued that these kinds of instructions help him establish some boundaries in the locker room:

"As soon as I get to work, I demand seriousness, then I set rules and limits to give direction. We are all very good when it comes to talking about rules, but how many have the strength and the desire to enforce them when the problems arrive? Many look away to avoid issues.

I'm not like that. Anyway, you can be whoever you want. If you've had a great football career, a player will evaluate you, weigh you up and in just two weeks they'll say: 'this is a top coach, this isn't a top coach or this is an average one'," Conte concluded.

Whether his players actually listen to him or not when it comes to having sex, it looks like Conte has found some success during his coaching career. So perhaps he's on to something.