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Argentina Legend Veron Weights In On The Messi Vs. Maradona Debate

Maradona Messi

Ever since he made his professional debut with FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi has drawn comparisons with former Argentina great Diego Armando Maradona, considered by some as the greatest player to ever lace them up.

Truth to be told, there are a lot of similarities between the two. They're both short and fast lefties that thrive with the ball close to their feet, they can put defenders on skates, and they can single-handedly lead a team to success.

However, the never-ending debate regarding which one of them is better is unfair, at least, according to Juan Sebastian Veron, another legendary Argentinean midfielder:

“It is difficult, very complex. Some say Maradona because he won a World Cup. Those who did not see Maradona and did see Messi are going to tell you Messi. I think those kinds of comparisons with players that have given us so much in football seem very unfair. Such discussions lead to nothing, they are useless," 'La Brujita' told 90min.

Pretty much forced to elaborate his argument and explain why you couldn't compare Lio with Maradona, the former Manchester United midfielder clarified there are a lot of differences between modern soccer and the one Diego played back in the day, also pointing at their different personalities:

"The era, the speed of football. The personalities, in a good way. Diego marked an era and today Messi is marking his own with different personalities, and different ways to play football. They are undoubtedly two historic players and we are lucky that they are Argentine," Veron added.

Maradona wrote his name on history books after his legendary outing vs. England, just when both countries were going through an armed conflict over the Falkland Islands.

Messi, on the other hand, has struggled to lead Argentina to a World Cup trophy, but has broken pretty much every single soccer-related record in history.