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Arsenal Legend Called David Luiz 'A Problem' And Urged Ljumberg To Drop Him

(Credit: Getty Images)

(Credit: Getty Images)

Arsenal have finally made the decision to sack Unai Emery, as the Spaniard spent a bunch load of money in the summer just to see his team struggle to keep up with the rest of the pack in the English Premier League.

And now that Emery is finally gone of the Emirates Stadium, it's time for other changes to come as well if the team wants to have a shot at making it to the top-four before the end of the season.

So, former Gunner Martin Keown claimed that David Luiz should be one of the first players to be dropped from the team's starting XI, deeming him 'a problem' because of his reckless style and blatant errors as a defender:

“I wouldn’t be playing David Luiz in the Arsenal team now if I was anything to do with the coaching staff at the club. It’s very difficult to question it from a medical point of view when somebody goes off injured, but I don’t feel with bruised ribs that you go off in a game of that importance to the manager. He drops so deep that he’s killing the whole team.

He hasn’t got a defensive bone in his body and Arsenal went and bought him to solve their issues at the back. y taking David Luiz, Arsenal just bought a problem from Chelsea. That was the beginning of the end for Emery in the summer, because he didn’t address the problems Arsene Wenger left behind. They’re still not solid enough," Keown told TalkSPORT.

Moreover, the Arsenal legend seemed delighted with the team's decision to sack Emery, claiming the team had become 'sad' and needed to get their identity back, something that was never going to happen until they got rid of the Spaniard:

“It’s actually a relief the board has actually made the decision. Arsenal have become very sad, they’ve become a shambles and it’s time for the club to get its identity back. We’ve lost our way, we’re just not competitive and it’s very serious. We’ve got huge problems", Keown concluded.

Now, Frederik Ljumberg has taken the reins of the team, at least until the end of the season, with Mauricio Pochettino's name looming around as a potential replacement, even though his past at Tottenham may represent a problem there.