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Arsenal Legend Urges Team To Go After Mauricio Pochettino

(Credit: Getty Images)

(Credit: Getty Images)

Things aren't looking good for Arsenal right now, as the team has only won 4 games in 13 fixtures in the English Premier League this season, and Unai Emery just doesn't seem to have the answers to the team's struggles.

The Gunners are far behind the league's top-four and the Spanish coach is walking on thin ice following yet another dismal outing.

Emery vowed to do better but time is running out for him after the club invested a lot of money in the summer, so former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson claims they should go all-in on Mauricio Pochettino.

"Arsenal should go for Mauricio Pochettino. He's not won anything, but he improved Tottenham over five years, tenfold. He's a top manager and he is about at the moment. I know he managed at Tottenham, but George Graham had been at Arsenal when he went the other way. You've got to get past that sort of stuff. These top managers don't come along too often, where you don't even have to pay anything for them. Can I see it happening? No. Should it happen? Yes. But it won't happen.

The days of the rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham are not what they were. When I was growing up, it was a big football match. For some of these players, that's no longer the case. It's probably Chelsea or Manchester City or Liverpool. It's not the highlighted fixture anymore as there's not a lot of home-grown players in the teams. You don't have to pay compensation for him, and if you are going to bring someone in, he's got to be better than the manager you've got," Merson told Sky Sports.

However, he admitted that he doesn't think the club will sack Emery right away because of their philosophy, and continued to blast the coach, the players and everybody in the club for their subpar performances this season:

"I still see Emery being there for a while. They had a chance to get rid of him before the international break. They looked at the fixtures and saw Southampton at home, Norwich away. They thought they would win both and everything would be rosy in the garden again. But they were fortunate to draw with Southampton with some of the chances they had, and they'd recently lost 9-0. Their confidence was low, but they never looked like they would be on to a hiding. There wasn't too much respect and they came and thought they had a chance.

I'm a great believer in if you keep doing the same things, you get the same results. Something needs to change. The players are not that good, but at the same time, results have to be better than what they are.

If you're a football manager and you arrive at a club, the team must improve, and the results have to improve. If they don't then you won't be in the job for long. That was a fact when I was playing, and it will be a fact in 30 years' time. It's worrying times, and with Norwich away this weekend, I think Emery will do well to get on the coach if they don't win that game," Merson concluded.

Arsenal have been a massive disappointment so far and Emery continues to prove he doesn't have what it takes to thrive in a big club after also failing at Paris Saint-Germain, so perhaps it's time for the Gunners to go back to the drawing board.