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Arsenal’s Sead Kolasinac, Mesut Ozil Fight Armed Men Trying To Rob Ozil's Car

Arsenal’s Sead Kolasinac, Mesut Ozil Fight Armed Men Trying To Rob Ozil's Car

Footballers are considered heroes in the eyes of many people, but some players take that consideration one step further, as it was the case with Arsenal’s defender Sead Kolasinac, who found himself and teammate Mesut Ozil in the middle of an attempted robbery.

Albeit this doesn’t happen a lot to footballers, the two Arsenal stars fought off two men wielding knives in north London on Thursday.

In released footage of the incident, Kolasinac was seen jumping out of a vehicle to confront the aggressors, who were wearing masks and had pulled alongside the car on motorcycles. In the video, you can see both men waving knives at Kolasinac, who ran at them no matter how disfavorable that scenario was for him.

A witness told the Daily Mail that Ozil spoke to police outside a restaurant, from which staff had come to assist the German.

“Ozil looked absolutely terrified, as anybody would after being chased by men with knives. He looked like he was running for his life.”

An Arsenal spokesperson later said:

“We have been in contact with both players and they are fine.”

This is another episode of aggression towards footballers in England. Back in 2016, then West Ham striker Andy Carroll was threatened at gunpoint on his way home from training.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said:

“It was reported that suspects on motorbikes had attempted to rob a man who was driving a car. The driver, along with his passenger, managed to get away unharmed and traveled to a restaurant in Golders Green, where they were spoken to by officers.” The spokesman said there have been no arrests and officers are still investigating the incident.”

Luckily for both players, things didn’t get more serious than that and now they are safe, but the decision Kolasinac made could have been a lot worse for him and his teammate.