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Atletico President Enrique Cerezo Says Cristiano Ronaldo Has Won Just 3 UCL And Not 5

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo has never been much of a fan favorite at Wanda Metropolitano, and the Colchoneros made sure to welcome him back the only way they know how to: with boos and chants.

That's why the former Real Madrid superstar wanted to make a point and completely trolled local fans by reminding them how many UEFA Champions Leagues he's won.

Following boos and insults, Ronaldo showed his open hand to local fans to show them he's won 5 UCL. Later on, he stated that he was, in fact, trying to taunt him.

"I have five Champions Leagues, you [Atletico] have none", Ronaldo said in the mixed zone following Juventus' heartbreaking 2-0 defeat at Spain's capital.

Nonetheless, it looks like Enrique Cerezo, Atleti's chairman, has been less than impressed with Ronaldo's performance in 2 of his UCL triumphs, both, naturally, coming against the Colchoneros.

That's why Cerezo went on to take a shot at the 34-year-old, stating that he hadn't won 5 UCL as he claims.

“A small clarification is that Cristiano Ronaldo has not won five Champions Leagues at all, but only three. The remaining two against Atletico, he did not really win them. Who won those two finals? I will tell you in the next interview," Cerezo told Radio CRC.

Even though, it looks like Cristiano is still 3 major European trophies ahead of Atleti, although the striker will have to be at his best on the 2nd leg of the knockout stage if they want to turn back the table and continue to pursue their UCL dream.