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Brazil Legend Rivaldo Blasts National Team For Giving Paqueta The Number 10 Shirt

(Credit: Getty Images)

(Credit: Getty Images)

Things have changed a lot over the last couple of decades for Brazilian soccer. While they still have top-tier talents and have found some success, they're far from those deadly rosters from the 90s and 00s that featured nothing but the best players on earth.

Still, Brazilian legend Rivaldo thinks some things are meant to stay the same way forever, like giving the number 10 shirt to a superstar instead of an inexperienced player.

That's why the former Barcelona striker roasted the national team for giving the 10 to Lucas Paqueta, and while he didn't question his abilities, he felt like the number was disrespected:

"I watched the match between Brazil v Argentina and was very sad to see what happened with the number 10 shirt. They gave the shirt to Paqueta against Argentina. A shirt that is respected worldwide. This shirt is not meant to be on the bench, let alone go off at half-time, because it is the shirt the world knows and respects because it was worn and honored by Pele, Rivelino, Zico, Rivaldo, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Neymar.

The player is not to blame, but the coaching staff is, because they know the weight of this shirt and also that it could burn the 22-year-old, who can have a great future with the Brazilian team. Just as the coach wanted to protect Rodrygo, who is playing very well at Real Madrid, for this match, he could have protected Paqueta from playing with that shirt. We all know that Brazil and Argentina will never be a friendly match," Rivaldo wrote on Instagram.

Brazil fell 1-0 to Argentina and the team has struggled to be at their best since winning the last Copa America, so Rivaldo thinks giving such a huge responsibility to a young Paqueta could've ended up being bad for him.

At the end of the day, coaches give the numbers to who they think they deserve them and Paqueta is doing a solid job with AC Milan, but if you want to be Brazil's 10, you must be more than just 'solid'.