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Breaking: Lionel Messi Turns Down New Contract With Barcelona


Ever since making his professional debut with FC Barcelona, the Argentinean has become the most important player in club history, and there's no doubt that everybody would love to see him retire dressed in red and blue.

However, La Pulga has recently turned down a contract extension offer from the Catalan side, as he doesn't want to be tied to the club for the long run with a big contract.

Nonetheless, that doesn't exactly means he's bound to leave in the summer, but, according to El Pais, he's got the right to terminate his contract after every season:

"We agreed that he can get out of his deal whenever he wants at the end of every season. That's a clause both parties agreed on years ago," Barcelona officials told Spanish outlet El Pais.

Messi's last contract extension signed in 2017 gives him the possibility to leave Camp Nou every June 30th and it looks like he has no intention of signing a longterm agreement whatsoever.

Still, the team's officials aren't worried about a potential departure from their biggest superstar, as they claim he's wage is just too high for any other team in the world to sign him right now:

"With the money he makes it's pretty difficult for any other club to sign him. Also, his age makes his signing a complex matter not many teams in the world would be willing to deal with," the team's officials went on to explain El Pais.

David Beckham has already stated that he'd love to sign Messi for his Inter Miami FC once he decides he's done with La Liga and we all know he's got the money to seal the deal.

Also, clubs like PSG or Manchester City could also find the way to cash in and lure him, but we all know he's never going to leave Camp Nou, so there's no reason to panic.